Samsung's flagship-grade Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra remains under $700 on Best Buy

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Samsung’s flagship-grade Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra remains under $700 on Best Buy
Samsung’s trade-in deal on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra surely sounds incredible if you have a suitable trade-in. But it probably won’t entice those who don’t have a collection of older devices in good condition. Fortunately, Best Buy keeps on selling the same slate at $400 off its price tag, giving Samsung fans an excellent alternative.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Still $400 off at Best Buy!

The 128GB variant of the ex-flagship Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra remains on sale at Best Buy. You can still get this top-notch device at $400 off its price tag, giving you way more bang for your buck. This tablet rocks a large-sized display with 120Hz refresh rates, has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, and comes with an S Pen in the box. Get yours and save big while you still can.
$699 99
$1099 99
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Get the Galaxy Tab S8+ for just under $600 on Amazon

Don't want to spend over $600 on your new Android tablet? No problem! Head over at Amazon and get your Galaxy Tab S8+ at $300 off its price tag. This tablet may not be the most powerful model from the Tab S8 lineup, but it's still a great option. You have a 12.4-inch Super AMOLED screen and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 under the hood. Some colors come in limited quantities at Amazon.

Yep! You can still get this capable Android tablet for just under $700 at Best Buy. You won’t find a matching offer at Amazon or Walmart, too. That’s to say, your only other option is the official Samsung store (which isn’t necessarily a bad option).

And if you don’t care much about the Ultra model, consider the Galaxy Tab S8+. This one is currently 33% off at Amazon. This bad boy has a smaller screen but is still great for everyday use and more. Plus, it costs less than $600.

Since the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra is nowhere to be found at lower prices, the older version is easily the best bang-for-buck option you can now get. Despite being released in 2022, this bad boy still holds its own ground among other flagship Android tablets.

It sports an excellent 14.6-inch Super AMOLED screen with 120Hz refresh rates, a fantastic design, and a flagship-grade processor under the hood. With its front camera setup being virtually identical to the Tab S9 Ultra selfie camera, it’s also more than ideal for video chats and work meetings. For context, both models showcase a 12MP dual sensor on the front with face tracking.

The Tab S8 Ultra doesn’t fall behind in terms of battery life, either. Let’s also note that you have a Samsung DeX for multitasking and a S Pen in the box, giving you everything you need for day-to-day interaction.

So, while it may not be the most contemporary flagship Samsung tablet, this puppy remains a fantastic option for users who don’t want to cough up too much money for the Tab S9 Ultra. And you can still get it at a very reasonable price on Best Buy! Isn’t that amazing?

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