"Galaxy S23 Pro" instead of Galaxy S23 Plus! Samsung must copy Apple’s iPhone 15 plan to win big!

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"Galaxy S23 Pro" instead of Galaxy S23 Plus! Samsung must copy Apple’s iPhone 15 plan to win big!
Although it's an absolute beast of a phone and perhaps the most well-rounded flagship of 2022, I'm not a big fan of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It's big, bulky, square, and comes with an S-Pen that 95% of the people who buy the phone won't use, which I find to be a wasted opportunity on Samsung's side to utilize this space for something more useful.

The Samsung flagships I do happen to really like, though, are the vanilla Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus models. I mean, what's not to like about them?

Sure, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ launched at a high price (compared to Google's Pixel, for example), but you get a tried and tested Samsung phone with class-leading hardware and possibly the best design on the market right now, thanks to those super thin, symmetrical bezels and tiny punch whole camera.

However, although I tend to prefer small phones (my primary device right now is an iPhone 13 mini), I make a very bizarre (for myself) exception here! My absolute favorite S22 model might actually be the bigger Plus.

It comes with all the design benefits of the smaller Galaxy S22, but it adds a much larger 6.6-inch display that's far for more immersive if you like watching videos and playing games and a noticeably longer-lasting battery.

But although these two aspects might already seem like enough of a reason to make you swing towards the Plus, I don't think Samsung is making the most out of this "middle child" flagship phone, which is why I believe some marketing tweaking and a couple of extra features could really make this otherwise neglected device stand out way more - perhaps even over the Galaxy S23 Ultra!

So, Samsung, here's what I find to be a better idea for your new Galaxy S23 "Plus" (spoiler: I wouldn't call it that).

Galaxy S23 Plus could be a contender for phone of the year 2023 if Samsung was willing to give you a bit more

I have to say that if Samsung was to drop the price of the Galaxy S23 to $700 and the S23 Plus to $850, I wouldn't have a problem with the smaller and bigger model being just as different on paper as the current Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus are.

As it currently stands, the Galaxy S23 and S23+ are expected to be the same phone save for display and battery size, which, judging by the Galaxy S22 series, puts the Plus model in a bizarre position - it's priced like some other super-premium flagship phones from other companies, but Samsung presents it as a larger version of its cheapest vanilla flagship.

This doesn't add up to me, which is why I would probably give the Galaxy S23 Plus some extra features:

  • A better zoom camera for longer reach - I would choose the excellent 3.5x optical zoom lens, featured in phones like the Huawei Mate 50 Pro and Vivo X90 Pro+
  • The same 200MP primary shooter as the Galaxy S23 Ultra - if you're going to be paying at least $1,000 for a phone, you want it to have one of the best main cameras (the one you'll be using most often) available on the market

And voila! That way, Samsung could more easily justify the $1,000 price tag of the bigger S23 model and help it compete with phones like the Pixel 7 Pro ($900 and iPhone 14 Pro ($1,000).

Galaxy S23 Pro instead of Galaxy S23 Plus? Why not! Or maybe in 2024?

The other way Samsung could make the S23 Plus model stand out from the crowd is simply by changing its name!

As we've come to see, phone marketing is way more important than most people think. For instance, and there's no data I could back this up with, I really do believe phones like the iPhone 12 mini and the new iPhone 14 Plus are failing to move more units partially because of their uninspiring names. And Apple is supposed to be the "king of marketing".

I'm sure you see where I'm going with this - I think Samsung might be making the same mistake here! So, how about turning the "Plus" into a Galaxy S23 "Pro"? In the end, Apple is now rumored to take a page out of Samsung's book and make an iPhone 15 Ultra out of what could've been the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so why wouldn't the South Korean company "return the favor"?

A $900 Galaxy S23 Pro might sell like hotcakes, but can Samsung make it happen?

To summarize, I would be much more interested in buying and recommending a Galaxy S23 Pro with a bigger display and battery and class-leading zoom and primary cameras over the vanilla Galaxy S23.

And in case you think how that would compare to the Galaxy S23 Ultra… Well, Samsung's already decided that this phone is supposed to be a rebranded Galaxy Note, so I suppose it has its own selling points, like the square design, slightly larger battery and screen, and , of course, nonessential (for most people) S-Pen.

For the record, I'd also give the S23 Ultra the best selfie shooter and ultra-wide-angle camera since these are already really good on the vanilla S22 models (and should be on the S23), and there you have it - a more compelling model separation based on features!

Of course, the cherry on top would be if Samsung was also willing to drop the price of a Galaxy S23 "Pro" and match Google's Pixel 7 Pro at $900 while undercutting Apple's iPhone 14 Pro, but that might be just wishful thinking on my side…

Let me know - what do you think of the idea of a "Galaxy S23 Pro", and do you think it could become the go-to Galaxy flagship if it was improved and priced accordingly?

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