Real-life leaks allegedly reveal the Galaxy A53 5G design

Real-life leaks allegedly reveal the Galaxy A53 5G design
Samsung’s Galaxy A series has come a long way — it used to be the slightly-bad midranger that we wouldn’t recommend. Last year, however, the Galaxy A52 was a pretty killer device for its price. It had a charming design, a very decent camera, and pretty solid performance.

Needless to say, we are pretty excited to see what the Galaxy A53 5G will have to offer!

We’ve already seen renders of the Galaxy A53 5G design — computer-generated images of what the phone is to look like, and a low-quality photo from its TENAA listing.

Now, we get to feast our eyes on real-life photos of what is allegedly the Galaxy A53's outer shell and its mould:

So, yeah, it's going to look a lot like last year's Galaxy A52, but that's not a bad thing. We found the Galaxy A52 to be good-looking, balanced, easy to hold, and a pleasure to operate. Just as the Galaxy S22 is rumored to reiterate the successful design on the Galaxy S21, so it seems the Galaxy A53 series will be back with a familiar look.

Sadly, we can't really make out a headphone jack anywhere in the leaked pictures. The Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 were praised for being pretty solid Samsung phones that still kept this archaic connector around. We do hope the next bout of A series still does, but it doesn't seem like it will.

But in some good news — we have heard that the Galaxy A53 5G will be powered by an Exynos processor with AMD graphics just like the Galaxy S22 5G. Supposedly, the A series processor will be called Exynos 1200, indicating its spot to be lower in the food chain than the Exynos 2200, which is expected to be in the S22 series. Early speculation puts the Exynos 1200 on par with the upper-midrange Snapdragon 778 5G. So, we are optimistically expecting the Galaxy A53 5G to be the same solid-performing midranger as the Galaxy A52 was.

In another bout of good news — the Galaxy A53 5G is still expected to ship with its own 15 W charger in the box. It's weird — apparently midrange phone chargers don't affect the environment. Either that or Samsung knows that people buying budget phones aren't willing to throw money down a never-ending pit of anti-consumer practices.

When is the Galaxy A53 coming out?

Leaks about the A53 have started to ramp up this January and certifications have begun popping up — a telltale sign that Samsung is getting the phone ready for prime time.

Last year's Galaxy A52 launched in March, so it's fair to assume that Sammy is eyeing a similar release window this year. Yes, we fully expect a Samsung Unpacked event on February 9th, but this one is probably going to be jam-packed with info and presentations about the new Galaxy S22 series and the long-awaited Galaxy Note 22 (or Galaxy S22 Ultra, or Galaxy S22 Note — we'll see how it ends up being called).

The Galaxy A52 did not get a "silent launch" with only a press-release. They were announced at a second Unpacked event that Samsung held in early 2021. So, it's very possible that we might get another Unpacked shortly after the Galaxy S22 event — perhaps the second one will unveil the new Galaxy A series and the new Galaxy Tab S8 series?

Either that, or we will get a major drop of the S22, Galaxy A, and the Galaxy Tab S8 in a single event this February, which would definitely... light up the cold month!

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