Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 release date, price and features

The high-end Samsung Galaxy Tab S line is arguably the only real competition to Apple's iPad, providing the best overall Android tablet experience one can get. With a gorgeous display, S Pen stylus support and a number of useful One UI software features, the Galaxy Tab S series has dominated the flagship Android tablet market for quite some time.

After some delays, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series finally came out on February 9, 2022. Here we've compiled everything you may want to know about the three flagship Galaxy tablets.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 price

  • Galaxy Tab S8: $699.99
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Plus: $899.99
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: $1099.99

The prices above are Samsung's starting prices for each model. However, as with many other Samsung products, all three tablets can often be found at discounts, at the very least through trade-in deals. See the offers below:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

The Good

  • Premium, sturdy build
  • Great front cameras and mic
  • Huge, beautiful AMOLED display
  • S Pen stylus included
  • Samsung DeX
  • Has a vibration motor
  • MicroSD card slot for expandable storage, up to 1 TB

The Bad

  • With bezels that slim accidental touches are a problem
  • Disappointing rear cameras
  • Expensive accessories
  • No charger in the box

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 release date

  • February 25, 2022

The Galaxy Tab S8 series was officially announced on February 9, 2022, and began shipping on February 25.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 models and screen sizes

  • Galaxy Tab S8 (11-inch)
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Plus (12.4-inch)
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (14.6-inch)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series includes three tablets, the base Tab S8, the larger Tab S8 Plus and the most noteworthy of them all, biggest and most expensive - the notched Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. All three models come with expandable storage and an S Pen stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 design and software features

The base Galaxy Tab S8 and its bigger brother - the Tab S8 Plus are quite similar in design to their predecessors. We have the same premium glass and metal build and the same magnetic S Pen storage spot on the back, next to a very similar pill-shaped camera module.

However, the big Galaxy Tab S8 ultra is notably different, with smaller bezels and a signature notch at the top center of its display, which houses high-quality dual front cameras. A tablet that's clearly designed with video calling in landscape orientation in mind. As mentioned, the Tab S8 Ultra is also quite huge, sporting a 14.6-inche OLED display, yet it's also the thinnest in the Tab S8 series at just 5.5mm.

In terms of software, all tablets come with One UI, which has plenty of S Pen stylus apps and shortcuts, in addition to many power user features, from a screen recorder to enhanced windowed and split-screen multitasking. Also noteworthy is Samsung DeX, thanks to which the Galaxy Tab S8 tablets can switch between a traditional Android interface and one with a taskbar and windowed apps, much more similar to Windows or MacOS, for enhanced productivity.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 reviews

We've reviewed the biggest and most noteworthy Samsung tablet to date - the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Head on over to our Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra review to learn more about how it feels to use, how good the cameras are (with photo and video samples), and how well it works as a productivity tablet, on top of an entertainment devie.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 specifications

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