Google Pixel Black Friday 2022 deals: the event is over, some deals are still left

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Google Pixel Black Friday 2022 deals: get a Pixel for less than $400!
Black Friday is now officially over. There are still some deals that are lingering on that we've left here for you to take advantage of while they last. If your device is not within the list of discounted products or the deal has expired, fret not - there are always other shopping events coming soon.

Google Pixel phones deals [curated list]

Below we have for you the best remaining Black Friday deals on Pixel phones that are still ongoing. If you missed your chance, don't hesitate to catch them, before they also expire! Also, you can go to our Cyber Monday 2022 Google Pixel deals page and start preparing yourself for that shopping event now!

Pixel 7 Pro gets a great price cut on Amazon

Currently you can get this premium Pixel flagship with a sweet discount, without any extra services or trade-ins required. And by "good," we mean $166 good. The Pixel 7 Pro is the latest and greatest Pixel phone. It comes with Google's own Tensor G2 chipset, and Google promises that its Titan M2 security chip will keep your data safe. Oh, and the Pixel 7 Pro also makes incredible photos. This is just an unmissable deal!

Get a 128GB Pixel 7 with a 17% discount at Amazon

No requirements or limitations - just the Pixel 7, 128GB, discounted at Amazon. You can't argue with a great offer, so make sure to check this one out! Powered by second-gen Google Tensor, the Pixel 7 comes with many improvements over its predecessor. This offers is on the unlocked model, so there are no contracts with carriers required for you to benefit from this discount. Get this deal while it lasts!

Get the Pixel 6 Pro with a 35% discount

The Pixel 6 Pro is still an amazing Android device, which comes with three months of YouTube Premium for free. And now, it's $314 OFF at BESTBUY! Additionally, if you trade-in a similar device, you can get an even bigger discount (discount depends on your trade-in phone, keep that in mind). This deal is on the unlocked Pixel 6 Pro and it is not tied to a carrier activation (usually, those are tied to one, so hurry!).
$584 99
Buy at BestBuy

Get the 128GB Pixel 6a 128GB with a 33% discount

Another great offer that brings down the price of the Google Pixel 6a down to just $299. No trade-ins, no catches! The Pixel 6a features Google's custom Tensor chip, so it's responsive and fast. Get this great budget-friendly phone for a great price right now!

Get the Pixel 6a with $35 off

The budget Google Pixel 6a offers impressive performance for its price, which is now even better with this price cut from Walmart's Black Friday 2022 offerings! The Pixel 6a features a 6.1" OLED Full HD Plus 1080 x 2400 display, the Google Tensor chip, 6 GB of RAM for smooth multitasking and it's future-proof with 5G connectivity. You also get 128GB of internal storage, more than enough for the regular user out there, and a 12MP camera.
$424 99
$459 99
Buy at Walmart

Google Pixel 6a 128 GB at $150 off!

Amazon has the Pixel 6a for just about $300. It's an unlocked variant, compatible with with Google Fi, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T for full 5G connectivity.

Google Pixel 6 in Stormy Black now 24% off

Google's Pixel 6 is updated to the latest Android and still has a pretty good camera despite being the last-gen phone. Now at a much lower price, this phone is a far better buy than a regular budget phone.

Get the 128GB Pixel 6 with a 35% discount

Google's previous flagship, the Pixel 6 128GB has gotten a great discount over at BestBuy, with no strings attached!
$389 99
Buy at BestBuy

What Google Pixel phone should you pick up during Black Friday 2022?

In case you are out of the Pixel loop, here's a quick rundown of which models are which:

Google's latest Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 flagships

These are the latest models. Continuing the footsteps of the Pixel 6-series, the new Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 deliver an excellent user experience with a focus on a mastery of artificial intelligence. What's more, these two also bring the signature Pixel camera look to a whole new level thanks to quite a few new camera features. 

Google's Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 aren't the newest, but are a good pick

While the Pixel 6 series is already discontinued and not officially sold by Google, most large retailers still have them in stock. They still get major software updates by Google, and they still have awesome cameras. You just save some cash due to the fact they are not the newest, shiniest gadget!

Google's Pixel 6a is a budget phone done right

The Pixel 6a looks like the flagship series in terms of design, with only a few small compromises like a 60Hz screen, but for all else this budget phone is quite incredible. It has a top notch camera, solid battery life and a beautiful screen.

Best of all, we have some truly incredible deals that you just cannot miss. While usually it costs $450 for the base 128GB model, we are seeing it drop to merely $300! There is no other way to describe this deal as... an absolute steal!

Other Black Friday 2022 deals to check out: 

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