Get the unlocked iPhone SE from Apple again or score a hefty prepaid discount at Walmart

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Get the unlocked iPhone SE from Apple again or score a hefty prepaid discount at Walmart
We were just about ready to give up on compact handsets only a few months back, as Apple technically discontinued the 2016-released iPhone SE, but as it turns out, not everyone agrees with the "bigger is better" principle. In fact, a whopping 70 percent or so of a recent survey's respondents said they were still dreaming of a small flagship smartphone with a great camera, which sadly doesn't appear to be on the horizon from either Apple or Sony.

But if you're willing to settle for some arguably outdated hardware in the name of top-notch pocketability, the iPhone SE is today returning from the dead... for the umpteenth time. We're obviously talking about official Apple Store sales, which have been repeatedly rebooted and halted of late, as the 4-incher actually never stopped selling through several prepaid carriers.

On that note, you might be happy to hear the Apple A9-powered device is available at the very low price of $139 with Walmart Family Mobile activations right now. That includes a complimentary 30-day plan with 3 gigs of high-speed data, as well as unlimited talk and text, which typically costs $29.88 and can easily be extended, replaced, or even canceled once your first month of service is up. For those who don't know, Walmart Family Mobile is a no-contract MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), hosted by T-Mobile and owned by TracFone Wireless.

Of course, some people prefer unlocked handsets, and if you hurry (or wait until the next round of "limited" sales), you can get the iPhone SE with full support for nationwide operators starting at $249 from Apple's special US clearance website. At the time of this writing, the entry-level 32GB configuration is only in stock in a snazzy gold shade, while the 128 gig variant can be purchased in exchange for $299 in silver or space gray.

Get the iPhone SE from Apple or Walmart

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