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Apple's second-gen AirPods with wireless charging case can be yours for only $108

Apple's second-gen AirPods with wireless charging case can be yours for only $108
Despite rapidly growing competition from brands as diverse as Samsung, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Jabra, JBL, LG, B&O, and yes, Beats, Apple's AirPods continue to easily dominate the world's thriving true wireless earbuds sales. As such, the Cupertino-based tech giant and major third-party retailers like Best Buy and Amazon almost never cut the regular prices of these bad boys, and in the rare instances they actually do that, the discounts are minor and they don't last long.

But just like any other consumer tech product, AirPods can sometimes be purchased at great prices on eBay in refurbished or used condition. For instance, you have until tomorrow, March 3, to pick up the latest non-Pro model at a pretty much unbeatable $108 with a 90-day warranty included.

Check out the deal here

This is the version that comes bundled with a wireless charging case, mind you, typically fetching $199 brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged, and occasionally setting you back as little as $169 on Amazon. Well, VIPOutlet goes more than 60 bucks below that right now, and the refurbs on sale here are apparently in "like new retail ready" condition, which means you don't need to worry about "cosmetic defects, blemishes, dents, scratches, or signs of age" whatsoever.

Obviously, that also means these incredibly affordable second-gen AirPods are fully functional, having been restored to "meet manufacturer quality standards" by an eBay vendor with a solid 96.6 percent positive feedback score based on over 100,000 customer ratings from the last 12 months alone. Oh, and if you see them listed at $135 a pair after hitting the link above, fret not, as an extra 20 percent discount will be applied to your order before checkout.

Just to be clear, these crazy popular true wireless earbuds don't come equipped with active noise cancellation technology, but otherwise, they're essentially as good, advanced, and powerful as the AirPods Pro. They even have slightly better battery life going for them due precisely to the lack of top-notch noise cancellation features while packing a state-of-the-art H1 chip, fitting comfortably in any ear, and providing respectable audio quality... especially at $108.

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