Weekly Round-Up

Weekly Round-Up

This week will remain in history as the one with the most massive AT&T leaks ever. Right from the start, there were numerous presentation slides of upcoming AT&T phones flying around the web. Of course, rumors about a new iPhone are always in the vogue, so we had some of these too. To top it off, the word has it the Palm Pre will go to the formerly largest carrier once Sprint’s exclusivity has ended.

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No doubt, the most important event for Verizon subscribers this week is the announcement of the LG enV3, enV Touch and the Glance. Two other phones are also rumored to come out through the carrier soon enough – the Motorola Rival A455 and the Casio Exilim. However, it seems everyone is after the Pre right now, as there was info about Big Red getting the Pre in 6 months. The HTC Touch Pro2 couldn´t make it unnoticed and is now rumored to become available through Verizon not that far into the future.

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Other U.S. carriers:

Fortunately for Instinct fans, its successor - the Samsung Dash was mentioned this week again. On the Android front, some speculations were made whether the notorious Cupcake update had been released to the general public or not. Ladies can now enjoy the Samsung Gloss on U.S. Cellular – a stylish phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. There was a little something for iDEN users too. The Motorola Clutch i465 has been made available with Boost Mobile.

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Sony Ericsson dropped the bomb today with its announcement of three super-cool phones: the Satio, the Aino and the Yari, with the first one being the 12MP handset, codenamed Idou. By the way, LG’s transparent phone, the GD900 is expected really soon, so keep an eye on it too. Cupcake has just come out, and Donut is already getting its features leaked. That’s the spirit, Android developers! HTC Hero appeared in video again in a number of color varieties. Version 1.0 of the hottest mobile browser was released for Windows Mobile and S60, pushing web experience even further. And you thought SurePress was surely gone, right? Guess what – RIM’s CEO Lazaridis said the opposite. Finally, fashion phone users might soon get a new toy, as it is now expected that Samsung will host an event to announce the next Giorgio Armani phone and… Microsoft will be there too.

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Next week:

Now, we would like to remind you what we think will make all of us happy next week. There are four forthcoming official releases - of the Palm Pre, the LG enV Touch, the Glance and the Motorola Evoke QA4.

The unofficially expected events are the launches of the HTC Willow, the Samsung Exclaim and the Nokia Mako.

Have a great weekend!


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