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The best compact smartphones of 2017

In 2017, the concept of what a "compact phone" could be was flipped around and old notions were shaken up. Since the introduction of the 18:9 aspect ratios, saying that a phone's display has a 5.7-inch diagonal size doesn't really mean that you'll be holding a large phablet in your hand. On the contrary — it might just be a nicely narrow, easy to wield phone.

So, in this new age of smartphones, what is to be considered a small handset? Manufacturers have been stubbornly sticking to a 5-inch minimum for most of their screens in the recent past, which made it hard enough to find phones that we'd call "compact" with a straight face. For the most cases, it has become commonplace to call a phone that you can mostly use with one hand (though the use of another helps sometimes) and that is light and easy to pocket "compact".

We thought we'd take a look at the phones that came out this year and pick out some that we can call "small" or "easy to handle". Here's what we came up with:


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