Samsung working with feds to investigate new Galaxy Note 7 fire on U.S. flight


The never ending Samsung Galaxy Note 7 saga opened another chapter a few days ago when another smartphone caught fire in on a Southwest Airlines flight.

The new chapter will probably be closed the moment Samsung completes its investigation and provides us with the results. The malfunctioning of another Galaxy Note 7 doesn't come as a surprise, but what's really mind blowing is the fact that this particular unit has been tagged with all the recognition signs to show customers that it's a “safe” model.

The smartphone's packaging has a small black square and if you enter the IMEI number on Samsung's website, it will tell you that it's a new, safe Galaxy Note 7 model. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like these supposedly safe units are really safe, hence the following statement coming from U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman Elliott F. Kaye.

As you've probably noticed, Kaye's statement suggests that customers should rather ask for a refund than replace their faulty Galaxy Note 7 unit with a new one.

So, while we're waiting for the investigation to commence, we've got to ask: are you willing to purchase a Galaxy Note 7 phone knowing that even the “safe” ones aren't really safe?

source: CPSC via TechnoBuffalo, The Verge

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