Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacements in the US come with a black square on the box, not the S sticker

The communication from Samsung regarding the Galaxy Note 7 recall has been pretty streamlined, but the reality in the field is completely different. Aside from the fact that many carriers still minimize the battery-cell issue inside the Galaxy Note 7, some even refuse to exchange them if some conditions aren't met.

In the US, Samsung announced an exchange program where customers who bought the potential faulty Galaxy Note 7 will be able to switch to a new smartphone, get a refund or ask for a loaner until their replacement unit arrives.

In order to make the new Galaxy Note 7 easier to recognize, Samsung announced that the new units will have a white sticker with a blue letter “S” on the box. However, many customers in the US report that their replacement units do not come with such a sticker. Instead, they feature a small black square.

On top of that, the new phones don't even come with green battery indicators like Samsung said they would, in order to set them apart from the faulty ones. The new Galaxy Note 7 devices come with the same white battery indicator that's included in most Android smartphones.

However, there's a safe and 100% accurate method that you can use to determine whether your Galaxy Note 7 smartphone does not feature a faulty battery. You can check the IMEI number on Samsung's website and see if it's good or you need to replace it.

So there you have it, folks. If you're wondering why your new Galaxy Note 7 doesn't have that S sticker on the box, you shouldn't worry too much. Just check the IMEI number to make sure that you're getting a safe smartphones as replacement.

source: Reddit

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