Moto 360 price dropped by Motorola as a newer, higher-resolution model looms

Moto 360 price dropped by Motorola as a newer, higher-resolution model looms
Recently, Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch had its price slashed by $100, dropping down to a very agreeable $149.99. This wasn't the first time that the rounded wearable had been available at this price point, of course. But with the device now reaching its twilight, it looks as though the recent reduction was signal of a more permanent move. Amazon, along with Motorola and its former owner Google, has the Moto 360 selling at $150, and with a slick design plus the Big G's Android Wear on board, could serve as a more-than-decent first smartwatch for those looking to dabble in this emerging arena. 

There's no question that the smartwatch market has yet to truly find its feet. The Pebble continues to appeal to geeks, while Apple fanboys have rushed to adopt the Apple Watch, but generally, the wider consumer market seems nonplussed. History has taught us that new product categories take time to mature, so it'd be naive to tout the demise of the smartwatch just yet. At the moment, though, these things quench our thirst for novelty and luxury, rather than being necessity. 

Thus, if you do have $150 burning a hole in your pocket, you could do a lot, lot worse than invest in a Moto 360. It's not the most powerful of the Android Wear wrist computers, and Google's watch-based software is certainly nothing to shout about at its current duration. But it's a nice device at an even nicer price nowadays, and at $150, might just be one of the best smartwatch deals on the market. 

The fact that Motorola, Google and Amazon are now shifting the device at the new lower price suggests that an upgraded model mightn't be too far away. Rumors indicate that the next-gen variant, apparently codenamed 'Smelt', may offer a higher-res display. There are also murmurs that Lenovo is contemplating a smartwatch running on an OS that isn't Android Wear, although for now, we know little else about what may or may not be in store. 

For now, you can snag yourself a Moto 360 for $150 through the following links, although if you want a metallic band, you will need to pony up an extra $50.

Will you be grabbing yourself a Moto 360, or instead wait for the next-in-line? Let us know in the comments. 

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