June in review: Here are the must-read stories of last month

Did you know that we published over 1,000 news and article pieces just this past month? Crazy, right? Crazy great, that is! But while we feel good about our ability to cover the industry in its entirety for you, we also sympathize with irregular readers that don't always get to read up on the latest, most important developments. To that end, we decided to round up all the announcements, articles, and comparisons of the month that we dare claim you must read — geek or not. Find them below broken down into categories and in an easy-to-skim-through format that will help keep you updated and save you time:

Major announcements in June

While Android M was announced just days before the end of May, June's most important announcement undoubtedly concerns Apple — the tech giant showcased its new iOS 9 mobile operating system, and even launched a beta program so that everybody can check the new goodies out. Here's what the update is all about, and how it and Android M compare with their respective predecessors and to each other:

Apple's new Music service was also unveiled in early June, and while the company is just following into the footsteps of other companies this time around, it's almost guaranteed to be a hit, given how its app is already available on most iPhones on the planet.

Articles and comparisons

You should also consider grabbing a drink and taking a read through some of our more in-depth pieces of last month:

The rumor mill

The rumor mill has been churning quality intel these last few months, and last month, we finally got around to rounding up and disseminating all the clues available. See what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6+ and S6 EDGE+, Sony Xperia Z4 Compact, Apple iPad Pro, and even the OnePlus Two:



1. WallStreet

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Great idea with the round up, but there were also some other interesting articles, practical ones concerning Android.

2. Chris.P

Posts: 567; Member since: Jun 27, 2013

What do you feel should have had a place on the list?

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