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Fire Rescue team on Note 7 setting ablaze the Jeep in Florida: the cause is 'undetermined'

St. Petersburg Fire Rescue finds no link between Galaxy Note 7 and Jeep explosion
Remember the story about a guy whose Jeep was set ablaze by his Note 7 left charging from the cigarette lighter? That's what he thought or claimed at the time, but St. Petersburg's firemen issued their final statement on the incident, and classified the source of the fire that engulfed the Jeep as "undetermined". “It was reported that a Samsung Galaxy Note7 was in the vehicle at the time of the fire and there were allegations that it may have been the cause,” as per the St. Petersburg Fire Rescue memo to the media on Monday. “After a thorough investigation, fire investigators did not find a cause for the fire.”

Cue up the jokes about Jeep's production quality here, but it seems that the fire that engulfed the vehicle may have been a result of something else that fires usually start in cars from, rather than pinpointed to the Note 7 left charging there. A similar accident with a vehicle going ablaze while in motion was reported not long ago, but there is no investigation memo from there yet, while the reports about a six-year old boy getting burned while playing on the Note 7 turned out to be false.

In any case, it may be a full month before carriers in the US receive replacement stock of Note 7 units that have gone through all the necessary FCC testing, but if you scored one from third-party vendors, you might get a replacement quicker.

source: Patch via Softpedia
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