Actionable notifications and split-screen multitasking coming soon to Windows Phone, tip insiders

Windows Phone is primed for some big changes in the way it handles notifications and multitasking, if a new insider report is to be believed. It is not clear yet whether the rumored split-screen multitasking and actionable notifications, will make their way in Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 that is already popping up for developer preview, or in WP 9, which is scheduled for preview early next year. 

Windows Phone 9 is also dubbed Windows Phone Threshold, as it will merge Microsoft's mobile OS with Win RT as an SKU subset of Windows Threshold, sharing kernels. With that said, the split-screen multitasking might be introduced in January-February of next year, when developers are primed to get first dibs on WP9, and you'll be able to snap two windows side by side, just like in Windows 8.1, but on your phone. This feature, however, would be screen size-dependent, advised the source, so phones with teeny displays wouldn't be able to take advantage of the goods. That's not much different from, say, Samsung's Multi-window, or LG's Dual Windows modes, as the companies don't include those on their handsets with smaller screens, too. Here's what the tipster had to say about those upcoming actionable notifications and dual window multitasking in Windows Phone:

All in all, Windows Phone is getting more and more open, and prone to changes in regards to flexibility. Now the only thing left is that those Live Tiles on the homescreen serve as interactive widgets, and we can peg the WP transition as complete. Naturally, we are also rather curious wat handsets will come out of Microsoft, now that it owns Nokia's smartphone business hook, line and sinker, and can invest as much as it likes in the ecosystem, reaping the potential benefits all by itself.

source: NPU via Softpedia


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