Apple iPad mini 7 release date, price and features and news

When it comes to small tablets, there is one undisputed king - the iPad mini. The latter packs some serious power, in a small package, and is easily one of the best devices on the market as a whole. The current iteration, the iPad mini 6, may be over 1-year old, but it still reigns supreme. The likeliest claimant to the latter's throne will almost invariably come from Apple itself - enter the iPad mini 7. 

It should be noted that, at present, we know very little about the next iPad mini. Nevertheless, we have gathered all of the information that is currently available, all in one place. We will be updating this page regularly with any and all new details that come to light. Now let's get right to it. 

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iPad mini 7 release date

Given how scarce the information on the iPad mini 7 is, in all likelihood, we might have to wait a while for an official announcement. However, if we were to speculate, given that the current model is more than a year old, the likeliest scenario would be an iPad mini 7 announcement sometime in late 2023 or early 2024. Prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also seems to believe that the next iPad mini will launch somewhere around that time.

It should be noted that the iPad mini lineup used to follow a very regular and predictable release schedule. The first 4 generations were each announced within about 1 year of one another. Hence, the iPad mini received annual refreshes until 2015. 

However, this changed with the iPad mini 5 which broke the established timeframe and launched some 3 and a half years after its predecessor. It took another 2 and a half years for the iPad mini 6, the current latest iteration, to be released. For a full breakdown of all the relevant launch and announcement dates, you can refer to the table below. 

iPad mini 7

Given the limited (or rather non-existent) information currently available, it is impossible to predict what the starting price of the iPad mini 7 is going to be. Nevertheless, Apple just introduced a price increase with the latest generation, after previously freezing the starting price for the better part of a decade. Hence, it is likely that the Cupertino company will keep the starting price of the iPad mini 7 the same as the one of the current model (i.e. $499 for the Wi-Fi version, and $649 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular version). 

iPad mini 7 camera

Traditionally, iPads have never been camera-oriented devices. Thus, it is rather self-explanatory why there is virtually nothing on the prospective camera module of the iPad mini 7. New details, if made available, will be added accordingly.  

iPad mini 7 storage 

Apple is notoriously stingy when it comes to storage. Given that the company's Pro devices currently start with a measly 128GB, it is very likely that the iPad mini 7 will still have a base 64GB of internal storage. Still, this is purely speculation at this point. 

iPad mini 7 design

Apple just recently revamped the look of the lineup with the iPad mini 6, in order to better reflect the current design language of the company. Thus, we expect minor touchups, or even the same exact design for the iPad mini 7. 

iPad mini 7 display 

The iPad mini 6 does not have a particularly impressive display. In fact, that is one of the biggest pet peeves users have with the current model, most notably the jelly scrolling issue. Many are hoping to see a more advanced panel on the iPad mini 7. 

While Apple is currently working on bringing OLED technology to its iPad lineup, the emphasis is on the company's high end tablets (i.e. the iPad Pro). In all likelihood, the iPad mini 7 will still feature an LCD panel. Additionally, earlier reports that the refresh rate of the display could be upgraded to 120Hz have been disproven by Ross Young, a prominent display industry insider. 

iPad mini 7 battery 

The iPad mini lineup boasts an impressive battery life, which is unlikely to change with the iPad mini 7. However, we simply have no details on the battery specifications of the prospective device at the present moment. 

iPad mini 7 features and software

We do not expect an M processor to power an iPad mini in the foreseeable future. Presumably, the iPad mini 7 will have a high-end A-series SoC at its heart - perhaps the A16 or A17. The tablet will also be running the latest version of iPadOS at launch. 

Should I wait for the iPad mini 7?

Given just how little we know about the iPad mini 7, we cannot possibly recommend waiting for the launch of the device. The current iPad mini 6 is an excellent device and still has plenty of power. If you are looking for the best small tablet on the market, the latter is your best bet. 
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