T-Mobile's 'nationwide' 5G network gets 'nationwide-r' with coverage in all 50 states

T-Mobile's 'nationwide' 5G network gets 'nationwide-r' with coverage in all 50 states
While T-Mobile billed its 5G network as "nationwide" right off the bat, the "Un-carrier" also indirectly acknowledged that wasn't entirely true back in December 2019, promising more than 200 million people in 5,000 cities and towns would theoretically be able to acquire a next-gen low-band signal.

The US is obviously considerably larger than that, but for what it's worth, Magenta didn't let all those speed upgrade efforts from the last few months stop the wireless service provider from also expanding 5G coverage. The initial tally of more than 5,000 cities and towns has recently increased to "nearly" 6,000, with "more than 225 million Americans" now covered across "more than 1 million square miles."

And if that didn't feel impressive enough, especially in comparison to Verizon's cringeworthy 5G availability numbers, T-Mobile is announcing yet another major milestone on its path to truly ubiquitous 5G service today. Meet the "first and only wireless provider to offer 5G coverage in all 50 states."

That's right, Alaska is finally joining the party, although it's definitely worth highlighting that T-Mobile actually has no towers of its own in "The Land of the Midnight Sun" whatsoever. What Magenta does have is a longstanding partnership with GCI, a local telecommunications corporation that flipped the switch on the state's first 5G network a little over a month ago.

That's what T-Mobile customers will connect to starting right away while roaming in Anchorage, Alaska, with GCI customers also allowed roaming access to the "Un-carrier's" nationwide 5G network as part of this latest "historic" collaboration between the two telecommunications companies.

Sounds like the textbook definition of a win-win situation to us, equally benefitting Alaskans and T-Mobile users across the nation, not to mention the two wireless carriers themselves.

It goes without saying that you'll need a 5G-enabled smartphone to tap into Alaska's first and only 5G network, based on a combination of low and mid-band spectrum, but on the bright side, you won't be charged extra for roaming on any of T-Mobile's current plans. Then again, you should definitely check your option's small print for a potential roaming data allotment.

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