T-Mobile is taking its war against fees and ISPs to the next level with 5G home internet discount

T-Mobile is taking its war against fees and ISPs to the next level with 5G home internet discount
T-Mobile has been throwing plenty of nice freebies, big smartphone discounts, and overall killer deals at its wireless customers in recent weeks, some of which are clearly designed at distracting people from the "Un-carrier's" massive data breach, but if you're a Home Internet subscriber, you shouldn't feel left out any longer.

That's because Magenta is slashing the price of that already fairly affordable service for good in order to once again draw attention to the various huge fees typically charged by most traditional ISPs (internet service providers).

Just in case you hadn't figured that out already, T-Mo has a big problem with said fees, aiming to "right the industry's wrongs on behalf of customers" by charging a flat $50 a month for unlimited 5G home internet.

That's down from $60 until now, and it includes a 5G Wi-Fi Gateway device with dual-band Wi-Fi 6 technology at no extra cost in addition to no annual contract, no data caps, and of course, no "bogus" fees for things like installation, "self-installation", or equipment rental.

That's right, some ISPs will even charge you extra if you choose to install their home broadband service yourself, and in total, T-Mobile claims Americans paid more than $7 billion (!!!) in landline fees alone last year, which apparently would have been enough to buy both the Lakers and the Clippers and still afford to keep all of their top basketball players on the payroll.

Obviously, your new $10 monthly discount on T-Mo's unlimited high-speed in-home internet will not buy you a lot of yearly Lakers tickets, but it's just the latest on a lengthy list of reasons why you might want to try this potentially disruptive service out... if you can.

Nowhere near as expansive as the "Un-carrier's" Ultra Capacity and Extended Range 5G mobile signals, this blazing fast network does (theoretically) cover "more than 30 million households" in "more than 600 cities and towns across the country", surpassing the availability of Verizon's arguably faster 5G Home Internet service, which is also costlier... if you're not already a Big Red wireless customer.

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