Sprint borrows popular T-Mobile Tuesdays freebie to reward its customers' patience

Sprint borrows popular T-Mobile Tuesdays freebie to reward its customers' patience
T-Mobile and Sprint may have technically closed their long-pending merger on April 1, but both from a logistical and a marketing standpoint, the fruits of the transaction will take time to materialize. 

Right now, the Sprint brand is still alive and well, and the "Now Network's" customers have yet to be transferred to New T-Mobile. Among other things, that means T-Mobile Tuesdays goodies remain out of reach for Sprint subscribers. 

What many of you may have forgotten all about is that the nation's soon-to-be-terminated fourth-largest wireless service provider launched its own loyalty-rewarding program a little over a year ago.

Dubbed simply My Sprint Rewards, this is usually nowhere near as generous as the T-Mobile Tuesdays scheme, but for a no doubt limited time, the same exact special offer can be claimed by customers of both operators. We're talking about that cool 2-month YouTube Premium free trial introduced by T-Mo almost a month ago.

As reported on Reddit, the promotion is available through the official My Sprint Rewards app for all Sprint customers... that haven't already given YouTube Premium a whirl. If you're not familiar with Google's increasingly popular service, this includes premium access to the YouTube Music platform for unlimited audio streaming while allowing you to watch YT videos with no ads and offline playback support as well. There's also some exclusive original content included, although that's certainly not the key selling point here.

Normally, you'd have to pay 12 bucks a month for all that, so you're not quite looking at saving a small fortune with this latest Sprint reward. But we're pretty sure the dying carrier's customers were not expecting to receive much in exchange for their loyalty before eventually given the chance to join T-Mobile Tuesdays, which should happen relatively soon.

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