There will be only one official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip case in two colors

There will be only one official Samsung Galaxy Z Flip case in two colors
Even though it hasn't been as rigorously leaked as the Galaxy S20 family, Samsung's sophomore foldable effort doesn't hold many secrets either ahead of an official announcement scheduled for February 11.

We've known for quite some time that this vertically folding bad boy is not set to follow in the footsteps of the first-gen Galaxy Fold as far as both its design language and price bracket are concerned. Recently, the marketing name of the device long known on the inside by its Bloom alias was also revealed, followed by a key technical detail about its display and very encouraging battery size, and now it's time to gain some insight into Samsung's purported plans for official Galaxy Z Flip accessories.

One case, two colors, unlimited style

While mainstream high-end phones like the Galaxy S10, Note 10, and presumably the upcoming S20 series typically get countless protective options providing various degrees of protection, a wide range of paint jobs, and at least a couple different ways to customize the otherwise boring flagship designs of today, last year's Galaxy Fold only got a "slim" cover with aramid fiber in the retail box and a leather case sold separately.

The more than obvious reason for that lack of diversity was the completely unconventional design of Samsung's first-ever foldable handset, which undoubtedly made it a lot trickier than usual to manufacture protective accessories. The same probably goes for the Galaxy Z Flip, which is expected to come with a radically different but equally unorthodox look.

As such, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that the official case options are tipped by the generally trustworthy folks over at MobileFun to be limited to a single leather material and two hues (black and white, just like the official Samsung Galaxy Fold leather cover).

Mind you, we're talking about genuine calfskin leather here, so naturally, you should expect this premium case to help your Galaxy Z Flip stand out... even more. Although MobileFun has no actual pictures to share just yet, the UK-based smartphone accessories retailer claims the cover "looks and feels fantastic in hand", "adding a touch of sophistication for a premium look and feel, without any unwanted bulk or weight."

That all sounds... expensive, but at least the British price will reportedly stay below the £100 psychological barrier (at £99.99), making us hope the leather covers will fetch a penny under 100 bucks a pop in the US. 

That would be $30 cheaper than the official Galaxy Fold case, which makes sense as we expect the Galaxy Z Flip itself to be considerably less expensive than its forerunner as well. Unfortunately, there are no words on any Samsung plans to bundle the Galaxy Z Flip with a robust and less stylish case as standard. On the bright side, MobileFun is already taking orders for the black and white leather cases, expecting to actually ship them no earlier than 2 to 3 weeks down the line.

The Galaxy Z Flip could "bloom" sooner than you think

It took Samsung an excruciatingly long time to get the Galaxy Fold ready for a proper commercial release following its initial February 2019 announcement, but all signs point to a much faster turnaround for the Galaxy Z Flip.

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Codenamed Bloom, this Motorola Razr-rivaling device might even beat the Galaxy S20 lineup to market, although Samsung is obviously not aiming for comparable launch numbers. But the Galaxy Z Flip is widely expected to be released around the world shortly after its February 11 unveiling at a price of anywhere between $800 and $1,000.

While certain compromises need to be made to squeeze into that price bracket, including a Snapdragon 855 processor, as little as 6GB RAM, and a much humbler camera setup than what the Galaxy S20 family is expected to feature, Samsung will purportedly spare no expense making sure the display is not easily damaged with a neat combination of "ultra thin glass" and plastic materials. 

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In case you're wondering, the primary screen should measure around 6.7 inches in diagonal, according to fairly credible recent rumors, folding vertically to create a compact clamshell with a tiny secondary screen on the outside showing you the time at a glance, as well as various quick notifications.

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