The foldable Galaxy Z Flip to have a dual-layer display and bigger than expected battery

The foldable Galaxy Z Flip to have a dual-layer display and bigger than expected battery
The Galaxy Z Flip as envisioned by LetsGoDigital

Samsung’s next foldable phone, dubbed Galaxy Z Flip (also known as the Galaxy Blossom), is said to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S series next month, but as is tradition, we already know pretty much everything about it.

Still, as the release nears, the information that leaks becomes more and more precise and the latest batch makes some adjustments to the previously rumored specs.

Coming from a pair of tweets from XDA’s Max Weinbach are details about the Z Flip’s display and battery.

The first one, seen above, states that the ultra-thin glass that previous leaks have put on the phone will be accompanied by a second layer made of plastic. The goal is for the glass to provide rigidity to the screen while the plastic will take care of protection since it will be the topmost layer.

Now, we’re sure users would prefer to only have glass on their displays but we have to be patient as foldable displays evolve. This is just another step of that process and we won’t be surprised if by the end of the year we see foldable devices with entirely glass displays.

It’s not clear if the plastic layer will be easily serviceable when scratches inevitably accumulate on it. Hopefully, if it’s not, Samsung has taken measures to prevent users from getting any wild ideas about self-repair.

Still, the glass-plastic combo is a major improvement in durability, arguably the greatest challenge foldables are facing at this early stage of their existence.

More juice for the Galaxy Z Flip

The other tweet is regarding some of the internal specs of the Galaxy Z Flip.

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Here, we have a mix of known and unknown stuff. The Snapdragon 855 SoC for the Galaxy Z Flip has been all but set in stone. While it will be somewhat slower than the Snapdragon 865 that will power the Galaxy S flagships being released at the same time, the 855 is still more than capable chip and we doubt anyone will have complaints about the way the phone performs.

The 3,300mAh battery, however, is a new development. Previous leaks had set it at 3,070mAh. The extra capacity equals to an almost 10% increase which could result in about an hour extra screen-on time. Not an easy task considering the massive 6.7-inch display that resides inside the clam-shell body.

The phone will also have a small one-inch display on the outside so users can check if they have any notifications without having to constantly open and close it. You won’t be able to use it to take selfies with the main cameras, however, so the internal one will have to suffice.

These latest leaks prove that Samsung is bent on making the Galaxy Z Flip the first foldable daily driver phone for the masses. The biggest question that remains right now is if the phone will really be priced as low as the rumors suggest. If it’s really released for around $850, that would entice many to give the fancy new (but actually old) form factor a try.

Samsung’s competitors are likely keeping a really close eye on the Galaxy Z Flip and its success on the market (or lack of) will to a large extent determine how much resources other companies pour into the development of their own foldable phones.

Are users ready to embrace the new generation of smartphones? We’ll find out after February 11th when the new Galaxies are coming.

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