Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra camera leak hints at sensor upgrades

Samsung S25 Ultra camera leak hints at sensor upgrades
Galaxy S24 Ultra | Image credit – PhoneArena

While Samsung gears up for its next Unpacked event, set for July 10, and the unveiling of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, buzz about the next flagship Galaxy S series is also heating up. Though the Galaxy S25 Ultra launch is still months away, fresh rumors about its camera have started to surface.

New leak suggests camera sensor upgrades for the Galaxy S25 Ultra

Tech tipster Sperandio4Tech suggests two significant sensor upgrades for the Galaxy S25 Ultra. First up, the ultrawide sensor might switch to a new 1/2.76-inch JN1 sensor. While this is a bit smaller than the Galaxy S24 Ultra's 1/2.55-inch sensor, it could pack a punch with a huge resolution jump from 12MP to 50MP.

Meanwhile, the 3x telephoto lens might also see an upgrade. According to the leaker, it could feature a new 1/3-inch Isocell sensor, which is a bit larger than the 1/3.52-inch sensor on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Additionally, this upgrade might also come with a bump in resolution from 10MP to 50MP.

The tipster also notes that new algorithms are in the works, but details are still under wraps. These algorithms are key for smartphone photography, as they boost image quality and functionality beyond what the physical camera hardware alone can achieve.

For example, the Galaxy S24 Ultra's boosted algorithms took things up a notch with improved low-light photos, way better stabilization for those shake-free shots and videos, more defined portraits, and incredible upscaling that delivers 100X Space Zoom, even without the 10X periscope camera.

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However, take this rumor with a grain of salt since it's still early days. Anything could change before the expected launch of the Galaxy S25 series in 2025. But if the rumor does hold true, Samsung's decision to replace the old 10MP 3x sensor seems like a smart move. Upgrading to a higher megapixel sensor could enhance image quality, meet consumer demands, and pave the way for additional features in the future.

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