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Crazy good deal brings brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 down to $515

Brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on sale for as little as $515
The Galaxy Note 10 is a bit of an odd duck, with a significantly smaller and lower-res screen in tow than its Plus-branded brother, a similarly hefty disadvantage in the battery capacity department, three instead of four rear-facing cameras, 8 instead of 12 gigs of memory, inferior fast charging technology, and most curious of all, no microSD card slot.

Despite this relatively lengthy list of shortcomings, the 6.3-inch handset is not much cheaper than the 6.8-inch Note 10+, normally fetching a whopping 950 bucks compared to the $1,100 starting price of the plus-sized Snapdragon 855 powerhouse.

Of course, it's not exactly unusual to see the Note 10 (and the Note 10+) deeply discounted by the world's largest smartphone manufacturer, as well as various third-party retailers, be them authorized or... not so much. Most eBay vendors naturally fall in the latter category, which is why their price cuts are constantly unrivaled. The newest such deal sees VIPOutlet drop a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to a measly $515 or so with a 90-day warranty included.

Check out the deal here

This is an extremely dependable seller of refurbished and completely unused gadgets at killer prices, rocking a solid 96.6 percent positive feedback score based on nearly 100,000 customer ratings from just the last 12 months.

Obviously, the Note 10 units on sale here in a "limited quantity" are fully functional, shipping for free nationwide in their original, undamaged packaging. The brand-new Aura Black phones are also unlocked for unrestricted activation and use on your GSM or CDMA carrier of choice while packing the same Snapdragon 855 SoC as the Note 10+ and a generous 256 gigs of internal storage space.

By the way, it's totally normal to see the Galaxy Note 10 on offer here listed at $606, with an extra 15 percent discount automatically applied at checkout. And yes, you can still get the 6.3-incher for even less than 515 bucks, but only if you're willing to settle for a refurbished Verizon-locked device with no warranty. Meanwhile, as crazy as it sounds, Samsung continues to charge $950 on its website for brand-new units covered by a standard 1-year warranty.

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