Save more than $300 on the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Save more than $300 on the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
It's probably not a good time to buy anything other than necessities, but if you have a bit of extra (actually a lot) and you're looking to dump it all on a brand-new phone, we have a great deal for you.

Reputable eBay seller never-msrp is now selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ for just $770. Although the amount might seem high, it's actually $330 lower than the typical selling price. What you need to know though is that this is the Exynos-based variant, so if you plan to use it in the US, there are some restrictions when it comes to carriers.

This particular model, even though it's unlocked, it will only work on GSM networks like the ones handled by AT&T and T-Mobile. Another important thing worth adding is that the phone comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage, more than enough even for the most demanding needs.

Finally, if you decided that you want to spend $770 on a new phone, then you can have it in either Aura Glow or Aura Black. And keep in mind that while the seller mentions that it ships the phone worldwide, there are some countries where shipping is not available.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ deal here

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