Official Google Pixel Watch marketing images leak

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Official Google Pixel Watch marketing images leak
Ok, so Jon Prosser's sources weren't correct about the flat sides for the Apple Watch Series 7. Other tipsters suffered the same fate. But to give him credit where credit is due, Prosser did show images of the Pixel Watch back in April and even had the same details that Business Insider reported about the other day

For example, Prosser mentioned the bezeless design of the timepiece (which you can see in the leaked images) and passed along the word that the device was codenamed "Rohan." The controversial Prosser also said back in April that the device would be introduced in Q1 2022 which Business Insider also mentioned last week.

Tipster puts himself in Ming-Chi Kuo territory with impressive Pixel Watch leak

If the watch does indeed get unveiled in Q1, his tip about the device could have a lead time of 10-11 months which would put him in Ming-Chi Kuo territory. Still, the best tip of all time belongs to Kuo's February 2017 report detailing the new look of the iPhone X (then known as the iPhone 8). In that report, Kuo revealed (quite accurately) screen sizes for all three iPhones that Apple released that September, discussed the True Depth Camera, and called the latter "Revolutionary."

Another one for the leaker's Hall of Fame belongs to Evan Blass, who leaked an unusual-looking render of a phone and said that it was the HTC One (M7) in January 2013 (and he was right). That leak came only two months before the phone was released, but what makes this such a great leak was that the device looked so different from most other phones at the time, that most people didn't believe that it was real.

So now let's return to the present discussion about the future. Prosser revealed some official marketing images for the Pixel Watch that he says come right from sources inside Google. It's brave of him to say that on YouTube considering that he is apparently facing some type of legal action started by Samsung for disseminating images of the Galaxy S22 Ultra a month ago.

No disappointments expected this time for Pixel fans

At this point, we don't expect another disappointment for Pixel fans who have been waiting a long time for this watch. Google's lack of confidence in Wear OS supposedly held it back from releasing a watch as recently as 2019. Samsung's decision to replace its homegrown Tizen with Wear OS for the Galaxy Watch 4 line might have supplied Google with all the confidence it needed.

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Google plans on including certain features that will made available to the Pixel Watch only, similar to how it offers special Android features to Pixel phone users. The main goal is to show off what Wear OS can be, exactly what the Pixel handsets do for Android.

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If you want to find one specific event that made Google take the development of the Pixel Watch more seriously, it might have happened in November 2019 when Google parent Alphabet purchased fitness tracker/smartwatch manufacturer Fitbit for $2.1 billion. At the time, Google said that the transaction could lead the firm to "introduce Made by Google wearable devices into the market."

A Pixel Watch would surely strengthen the Google ecosystem which got a huge shot in the arm this year with the release of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Despite the typical issues that seem to affect newly released Pixel handsets each and every year, the phones have been selling well and Google is taking care of business by issuing software fixes for some of the early bugs including those related to ghost dialing, and the lagging fingerprint scanner.

Unfortunately, one update made the Magic Eraser disappear on some users' handsets, and the latest issues involve problems with charging the phone and keeping a connection to a cellular network. Still, it doesn't seem that there is anything on this list that Google can't fix with a software update.

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