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Here's when the ultra-affordable Motorola Edge Lite 5G might be unveiled

Here's when the ultra-affordable Motorola Edge Lite 5G might be unveiled
Motorola has been quite the busy bee so far this year, pretty much throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks both in the mid-range and high-end smartphone market segments. But the Lenovo-owned company still has additional products in the pipeline, starting with a mysterious handset scheduled to see daylight on July 7.

Because public gatherings are still not a great idea anywhere in the coronavirus-impacted world, we presume the upcoming event will be an online-only affair, kicking off at 3pm CET a week from next Tuesday. That's 9 am Eastern Time and 6 am Pacific Time, mind you, so Motorola may or may not unveil something for the US market there.

If this completely cryptic invitation to an enigmatic product announcement of sorts had reached our inbox a little over a week ago, we might have assumed the 5G-enabled Razr 2 was coming. But with the US-based company expected to release its second-gen foldable smartphone no earlier than 2021 right now, the prime suspect for a July 7 launch becomes the recently rumored Motorola Edge Lite 5G.

That's not a 100 percent guaranteed marketing name, mind you, but however the mid-range device will end up being called, we're definitely excited to see if it can hit its purported $400 price point. 

That would make this budget-friendly bad boy significantly cheaper than the likes of the "regular" Motorola Edge and LG Velvet with a positively dreamy spec sheet in tow including everything from a powerful Snapdragon 765 processor to a massive 4,700mAh battery, at least 4 gigs of memory paired with 64 gigs of internal storage space, a 6.7-inch flat display, as well as a grand total of six cameras (four on the back and two on the front).

Of course, that all sounds a little too good to be true for a 5G-enabled handset also rumored to offer Verizon support, so it's probably wise to tone down your expectations ahead of an official announcement that may or may not take place in less than two weeks. Either way, we're intrigued to see what Motorola might be cooking up for its July 7 event.

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