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The mid-range Motorola Edge 20 5G could be a lot cheaper than its forerunner

The mid-range Motorola Edge 20 5G could be a lot cheaper than its forerunner
Seeing as how Motorola apparently has no intention to release a true new Edge-branded flagship anytime soon, all the attention from the company's loyal fanbase is now directed to the so-called "Berlin" handset and its chances of giving the best budget 5G phones out there a run for their money.

Obviously, that's little more than an internal codename, and according to the latest rumors, the 5G-enabled mid-ranger is likely to see daylight in just a couple of weeks or so under the Motorola Edge 20 moniker.

The perfect quality-price ratio doesn't exi-

After hearing quite a bit about the handset's specifications and even checking it out in the flesh as it paid China's FCC counterpart an obligatory regulatory visit, a hot new TechRadar report adds the very first pricing detail to the Edge 20 5G equation.

The 6.67-inch device will purportedly circle the "Rs 30,000 mark" in the always important Indian market, roughly equating to $400. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean US buyers will be able to get this bad boy around those parts for the exact same four Benjamins, but a reasonable price point is definitely in the cards.

At 30,000 rupees or so, the "standard" Edge 20 would be slightly costlier than the OnePlus Nord CE 5G while pretty much matching the MSRP of the Samsung Galaxy A52 in India. The former is not officially available stateside, but the latter can be purchased at $500 with built-in 5G support, which could well be the case for the Motorola Edge 20 sometime next month.

That would be a huge improvement over last year's non-Plus Motorola Edge 5G model, which normally costs a whopping $700 in an unlocked 256GB storage configuration.

Obviously, we'd expect Motorola to charge as little as $500 for an entry-level Edge 20 5G variant with 6 gigs of memory and 128 gigs of internal storage space, and when it comes to Verizon, it's probably best not to make any firm predictions.

No Edge 20 Pro love for the US... or India?!

Another important thing to mention is that India and the US are tipped to receive different Motorola Edge 20 versions, with the latter gaining some extra battery capacity and screen real estate while trading the former's 16MP wide-angle lens and 8MP telephoto camera for an 8MP wide-angle shooter and 2MP depth sensor.

All in all, it would certainly be great to pay $500 for a 6.78-inch 5G-capable smartphone with silky smooth 120Hz display refresh rate technology, decent Snapdragon 778 processing power, and a primary 108MP rear-facing cam.

Then again, it might be wise to wait for Motorola's regional specification and pricing confirmations later this month before definitively proclaiming the Edge 20 5G a better value proposition than the likes of the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, Google Pixel 4a 5G, or OnePlus Nord N10 5G.

Unfortunately, we don't expect the higher-end Snapdragon 870-powered Edge 20 Pro, aka "Pstar", to ever come to the US, and despite what Evan Blass suggested in a handy table a couple of weeks back, the folks over at TechRadar are not entirely sure if that phone is headed for India either.

It also remains unclear if Motorola plans to actually follow 2020's Edge+ flagship with a Snapdragon 888 device this year, although given the complete silence on that particular rumor front so far, we're guessing that's probably not going to end up being the case after all.

On the bright side, both the Snapdragon 888+ and 895 are right around the corner, giving Motorola fresh and exciting opportunities to get back in the flagship game... again. 
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