The first Android 10 update for the LG V40 ThinQ goes out on a major US carrier

The first Android 10 update for the LG V40 ThinQ goes out on a major US carrier
Hot on the heels of its early 2019-released high-enders (no, not really), LG's V-series flagship from all the way back in the fall of 2018 is reportedly receiving an official Android 10 update.

Curiously enough, AT&T seems to be beating not just all the other major US carriers to the punch as far as the V40 ThinQ is concerned, but also most (if not all) overseas mobile network operators. As far as we know, the Snapdragon 845-powered device has yet to make the jump to the latest stable OS version anywhere around the world, although LG did promise to deliver the update in its homeland by the end of Q2.

It's obviously highly unusual to see an LG flagship upgraded from a software standpoint stateside before seeing the same OS promotion rolled out in South Korea, which is why you may not want to get too excited if you're in possession of an AT&T-specific V40 ThinQ variant and haven't received the update yet. After all, the carrier is still listing Android 9.0 Pie as the current OS version on its software support webpage, so the Android 10 makeover may not be available on a very wide scale right now.

Then again, several surprised users claim over on Reddit that they've been able to download and install the goodie pack over the last 24 hours, confirming everything seems to be running smoothly without offering details on specific tweaks and improvements or file size. There are also no pictures or screenshots to support these claims, although we don't see why anyone would lie about this sort of thing.

All in all, we should probably commend AT&T for optimizing the update so quickly while condemning LG for not making more of an effort. After all, the V40 ThinQ is a couple of months younger than Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, which received its first taste of Android 10 on US carriers more than three months ago. And don't get us started on the fall 2019-released G8X ThinQ, which continues to run the previous OS iteration.

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