iOS 15.0.1 fixes the iPhone 13's big Apple Watch unlock bug (and more)

iOS 15.0.1 fixes the iPhone 13's big Apple Watch unlock bug (and more)
If you've been having trouble unlocking your hot new iPhone 13-series device with your Apple Watch, you should probably go ahead and install the latest iOS update as soon as possible.

Released earlier today to the iPhone-using masses, iOS 15.0.1 looks rather hefty (for an x.0.1 software revision), including at least three specific fixes for three different bugs. By far the most important issue seemingly amended relatively quickly after its discovery is the aforementioned iPhone Unlock with Apple Watch situation, which had plenty of time to make a large number of headlines and draw frustration from many "iFans."

For most people affected by the glitch, the handy iPhone unlock functionality was simply rendered unusable when wearing a mask, while others couldn't even set up the feature with the iPhone 13 line. All of that should become a thing of the past once you switch from iOS 15, which was generally released less than two weeks ago, to iOS 15.0.1.

Interestingly, Apple is not moving directly to iOS 15.1, despite having already dispatched two developer betas of that build, one of which just so happened to contain this same fix. 

That may have something to do with the fairly large number of other problems reported by early iOS 15 adopters, which this first revision probably doesn't solve. What iOS 15.0.1 does aim to correct is the "unexpected" start of workouts in audio meditations on various Apple Watches for some Fitness+ subscribers and an issue with the Settings app where a full storage alert was erroneously displayed for a number of iPhone users.

While there's obviously always a chance we'll discover more bug fixes once we get to spend some time with the refreshed OS, we're pretty certain Apple still has a lot of work to do before it can convince the overwhelming majority of its customers to leave iOS 14 behind.

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