Apple iOS 15 bug lies to users telling them that their "Storage is Almost Full"

Apple iOS 15 bug lies to users telling them that their "Storage is Almost Full"
The recent rollout of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 has resulted in some iPhone and iPad users receiving a warning saying that their phone is almost completely out of storage even if it isn't. Several tweets from iPhone users explain that they have received this message even though they have over 10GB of unused storage remaining on their phone. Apple says that the bug is not affecting the amount of storage that users actually have available on their devices.

Apple iPhone users can't remove the "iPhone Storage Almost Full" warning from the settings app until Apple exterminates the bug. There is a problem going on here and several iPhone users have noticed a problem in calculating the storage capacity left on their phone following the installation of iOS 15. In fact, some iPhone users claim that after downloading the latest software build, their phones showed that they have more storage left on their device than the overall capacity of their phone.

This means that some users' iPhones are failing to accurately calculate the real amount of storage that their apps and files are taking up. Apple says that in order to get a true idea about the amount of storage they have left to work with on their devices, iPhone users need to reset their phones. But who wants to do that? And a reset doesn't seem to alleviate the problem that prevents iPhone users from obtaining a realistic look at the amount of storage that users have on their iPhones.

Without an easy fix, the best thing that Apple can do is send out an update as embarrassing as they might be. Whether it is called iOS 15.0.1 and iPadOS 15.0.1, such an update could give iPhone and iPad users the opportunity to fix this mess.

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