iPhone users are having sound issues with this new iOS 15 bug

iPhone users are having sound issues with this new iOS 15 bug
If you own an iPhone, you might have recently experienced some weirdness going on with your sound while in social media apps. At least that is what several users are reporting on Reddit as of late.

The issue seems to be occurring while your iPhone’s mute switch is activated and the device is on mute. Now, usually, muting makes your phone completely silent. However, if you pressed either of the two volume keys, you would get the sound playing from the media back while still keeping notifications and ringtones completely off.

Unfortunately for some users who have updated to iOS 15, the sound from the media cannot be turned back on again even after pressing the volume buttons. The issue has mostly been observed in Instagram Stories, Reels, and YouTube. Some are even saying that it happens on every app.

Other users who had jumped on the early iOS 15 train claim that the bug was present in some of the public beta builds of the software. It is not yet clear whether the problem is stemming from iOS 15 itself or lack of compatibility with it.

Facebook has reached out to users to address the issue, saying that it is ‘aware that some people are having trouble hearing their audio in Instagram Stories,’ promising to fix things up. This could mean that things are leaning more heavily towards poor compatibility.

iOS 15 is the first-ever update for iPhone users that is not mandatory. Apple even said that it will continue to support and release updates for iOS 14. The tech giant has surely had a tough year in 2021, taking into account all the legal difficulties it has been facing, trouble with leaks, and employee dissatisfaction.

It is not like having issues with new iOS launches is something new, though, and if history is any indication—things will be patched nicely enough in about a month or two.

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