Google seeks to take the Pixel 7 cameras to a new level with this news

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Google seeks to take the Pixel 7 cameras to a new level with this news
Google did something this year that it probably couldn't wait to do in previous years. It employed its own Tensor chip inside the Google 6 and Google 6 Pro allowing the new Pixel models to run AI-based features that it possibly couldn't get the Pixels to do with an off-the-shelf Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. Google also improved the cameras on both models putting a 50MP sensor behind the lens of the primary cameras used on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Google's first Tensor chip helps take the Pixel to a new level

While the Pixels have always been known for taking advantage of Google's photo processing prowess, the ability to call on the AI capabilities of the Google Tensor chip has allowed the company to add features such as Magic Eraser (which erases parts of a photo that you might consider a distraction). The telephoto lens on the Pixel 6 Pro features 4x optical zoom and 20x Super ResZoom.

Motion Mode creates great long-exposure shots while you can add bokeh blurs to bring style to portraits and use Face Unblur to make the image of a moving face sharper and viewable. What will Google bring to the table with the Pixel 7 series? We might not know at this point, but we do know that Google is looking to build a new team in San Diego to help build a new Image Signal Processor (ISP) design for an upcoming Google Tensor chip.

A post on LinkedIn written by Mike Coulter, a senior director at Google, mentions that he is hiring for camera, Image Display, and more. The post actually says, "I'm hiring in San Diego where I am based. I'm looking to fill full-time roles in Camera ISP design and verification at all levels for a new San Diego team."

The message says, "Please message me directly if you are interested. This is an opportunity to be part of the team that brought you the Google Tensor SoC for Pixel 6." For those looking for some drama and palace intrigue, we should point out that San Diego happens to be where Qualcomm has its headquarters. So you can just imagine where Google is going to be looking for seasoned chip designers to work on its upcoming Tensor chips.

Coulter also has a connection with Qualcomm having spent four years there as Vice President of Engineering. It all reminds us of the first rule of poaching employees: "location, location, location."

The next Google Tensor chip already has a code name, "Cloudripper." The chipset could be announced during the second half of this year before the unveiling of the Pixel 7 series. And an improved ISP could take the photography experience on the Pixel 7 to places that Apple and Samsung can't get to.

So, Pixel users, has the Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro warmed the cockles of your heart? While the first few weeks out of the gate were pretty rough because of the relentless attack of bugs, we can't say that this was a total surprise because earlier Pixel models also suffered from post-release issues. We will say that the most ridiculous bug was the one that made the Magic Eraser feature disappear following an update.

Since the January update, the Pixel 6 line has performed splendidly

Perhaps Google forgot that with the Magic Eraser, unwanted parts of photographs are erasable, not the entire app. The good news is that with the January update, Google was able to exterminate most of the bugs that had consumers afraid to buy the device. Yes, even the in-screen fingerprint scanner has performed well and the battery life has been solid if not spectacular.

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Pixel fans should be happy to know that Google is looking to keep improving the Tensor chip every year. For Google, there is no looking back. The die has been cast and in Mountain View, the only place to look is ahead as Pinocchio has grown up and the Pixel has becomes not only a real flagship line but a true Google phone.

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