Killer new deal finally makes Google's smart but costly Pixel Stand affordable

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Killer new deal finally makes Google's smart but costly Pixel Stand affordable
In addition to smartphones, tablets (remember the Pixel Slate?), laptops, various types of smart home devices, and wireless earbuds, Google's consumer hardware division also tried its hand at wireless charging accessories a few years back... with little to no success.

It's not that the Pixel Stand was bad, but at a recommended price of $79, it was simply not special enough to justify its premium over similar products manufactured by the likes of Samsung, not to mention smaller companies focused primarily on this type of stuff.

Still, the 2018-released stand was deemed smart and versatile enough to make our list of the best wireless chargers for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones last year, which is probably not true anymore... unless you can buy this thing for $37.99.

Google Pixel Stand

Fast Wireless Charger for Pixel Phones, 10W Support
$37 99

We obviously didn't just come up with that very specific number, instead copy-pasting it from the latest killer one-day-only Woot deal. That's for a brand-new, unused, unopened, and undamaged unit backed by a full 1-year manufacturer warranty, mind you, shaving a whopping 52 percent off the aforementioned regular price.

Although it saw daylight alongside the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, the aptly named wireless charging stand also works perfectly fine in combination with the newer Pixel 4, 4 XL, and Pixel 5, as well as any other Qi-supporting handset out there.

Of course, the speeds are not great, capping off at 10 watts for Google's in-house handsets and a measly 7.5W as far as third-party mobile devices are concerned when many of the world's best phones in 2021 are technically equipped with 15W support (and beyond).

On the bright side, the Pixel Stand is much more than just a wireless charger for Pixel smartphones, essentially turning them into smart displays with hands-free Google Assistant and digital photo frame capabilities. That's something your good old fashioned Samsung, Anker, or Belkin wireless charging stand cannot do, so if it sounds worthwhile, be sure to pull the trigger before it's too late.

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