Google's newest headline-grabbing Pixel 6 series issue concerns software updates (and Verizon)

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Google's newest headline-grabbing Pixel 6 series issue concerns software updates (and Verizon)
At first glance, it looked like Google finally hit the Apple and Samsung-rivaling jackpot with the 5G-enabled Pixel 6 duo last month. That very good first impression was corroborated in our in-depth reviews of both the affordable 6.4-inch Pixel 6 and super-premium 6.7-inch Pixel 6 Pro, but then the customary release day issues surfaced.

Unfortunately, the number of software bugs and potentially hardware-related flaws reported by early adopters only kept growing and growing, with nothing that could be described as a complete dealbreaker discovered just yet, but a lot of little "somethings" making the user experience... not great for many people.

The latest "situation" gaining traction on Reddit and Google's own support webpage concerns Verizon customers using unlocked Pixel 6-series devices on the nation's largest mobile network. As some of you might remember, Big G delivered a software update to pretty much everyone shortly after shipping the two new stock Android-running phones to their first batch of owners.

Said update, however, doesn't appear to have reached the aforementioned subset of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users to this day, predictably generating quite a bit of frustration. After all, solid software support and timely updates are primarily what set Google-made handsets apart from Android smartphones manufactured by other companies.

While there is currently a way to navigate around this particular issue, we wouldn't recommend employing the "fix" unless you know exactly what you might be getting yourself into. That's because sideloading the Verizon-specific November security patches comes with a number of inherent risks, including device bricking.

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In case you're wondering, Big Red and Big G seem to be sharing the blame for this problem, and the only way to get everyone on the right track from a software update standpoint (hopefully for good) will be for the two to work together on an... update preparing the phones for the existing update.

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Sounds complicated, we know, but after all the noise made by angry unlocked Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users on Verizon, something tells us a permanent fix is more or less around the corner. To be perfectly clear, the issue doesn't appear to be impacting those who purchased the handsets directly from the carrier, but at least as far as the Pixel 6 is concerned, that's likely to be a very small group of people due to the "mmWave tax."

Even with all of these... inconveniences, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are definitely among the best Android phones money can buy this holiday season, at least on the right carrier.

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