Pixel 6 release day: users report screen flickering, one complains of two punch-holes

Pixel 6 release day: users report screen flickering, one complains of two punch-holes
Pixel 6 deliveries began today and already, a considerable number of early adopters have reported display flickering issues.

As first reported by Android Police, the first batch of Pixel 6 owners have reported an issue whereby a brief tap on the power button when the phone is off leads to screen flickering. The glitch appears to affect both the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. 

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While not exactly bothersome, this problem is still a cause for concern, given that these are brand new devices. It's not clear if this is a widespread issue, but that does seem to be the case, given that shipments started today only, and already there are an alarming number of complaints on Reddit.

There are a couple of theories going around as to why this is happening. Reddit user SilverSeven thinks it might be happening because the phone boots up really fast and when you momentarily hold down the power button and then withdraw your thumb, it makes the screen flash. 
This has been partially supported by user Mr_Shay_Shay, who says that the issue only arises when the button is pressed for more than 0.5 seconds. 

Others believe it's static discharge at play. Whether this problem will be taken care of by a software update remains to be seen but for some, it's pressing enough to warrant a return.

If the screen flickering issue seems like something that wouldn't bother you, there is more. Twitter user Mark Schramm has reported that his Pixel 6 Pro has two punch hole cutouts. This was apparently a manufacturing defect and he was able to successfully exchange the device, but it still makes you question Google's QA process.

This was just day one of release, stay tuned for more (hopefully good) updates. Overall, Google appears to have done a good job, and problems like these are unlikely to keep the Pixel 6 from climbing the best phones of 2021 chart.

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