Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra rumors hint at possible camera and display upgrades

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra rumors hint at possible camera and display upgrades
Although we’re probably a long way from the new Samsung flagship phones release, a.k.a. the Galaxy S24 series, the river of rumors already runs deep. In the latest gossip surrounding the most advanced of all – the Galaxy S24 Ultra – we learn about possible screen and camera upgrades.

That’s old news, you might say, given that we’ve already covered possible upgrades on one of Samsung’s flagship champion’s rear cameras as well as storage, display, and memory changes on the Galaxy S24 series. But renowned tipster ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) gives us additional info on the camera and display changes.

If we assume that ICE UNIVERSE’s tweets turn out correct, we might be expecting a new 3X 50MP zoom on the rear, 0.7μm, with a size of 1/2.52”. Given the fact that the tipster is renowned for sharing Samsung secrets with the public, we have no reason to dismiss the information as outright false.

What do we have in this year’s Samsung flagship phone? A 10MP 3X zoom, f/2.4 camera. So, if the South Korean giant decides to push with the camera upgrade, we should be able to enjoy much better image quality at higher zoom levels, such as 5X.

Initially, it was thought that the company might be adopting a new 5X zoom camera, but it now becomes clear Samsung might be choosing another path to facilitate an improved 5X image quality. Moreover, the leaker also comments that Samsung likely won’t be changing the 10X sensor on the powerhouse, leaving it with what we already have on the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

According to ICE UNIVERSE, the other major element Samsung might be upgrading in its new flagship device is the screen. While the tipster doesn’t reveal anything specific, commenters have speculated that the modification could concern a possible M13 LTPO panel implementation.

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Given that the S23 phones feature the M12 panel, we’d say the M13 is more likely to make an appearance in the new flagship line. Displays made with M13 material are reportedly thinner and have an improved power efficiency over M12 panels.

Then again, with over five more months before the Galaxy S24 Ultra release, we’d say there’ll be a lot more rumors to come. So, we might have to wait a bit longer to find out exactly what new flagship upgrades Samsung has decided to add to its premium powerhouse. Until then, it’s all about speculation and well-educated guesses.

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