New Galaxy S22 branding rumor calls for 'Note 22 Ultra' and 'S22 Pro' models

New Galaxy S22 branding rumor calls for 'Note 22 Ultra' and 'S22 Pro' models
The Galaxy S22 series has leaked in full, and it looks like Galaxy Note fans are getting what they asked for — a true Galaxy Note 20 Ultra successor. Now, a new rumor implies that Samsung will be updating its branding too.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra might be launched as the Note 22 Ultra

Twitter leaker Chun claims that Samsung is internally discussing tweaking its flagship smartphone branding to better reflect the positioning of its upcoming devices and what seems to be a unified Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

Getting into the branding details, it’s rumored that although the base Galaxy S22 model is going to use that name, the smartphone currently known as the Galaxy S22+ will hit shelves as the Galaxy S22 Pro.

Leaker Steve “OnLeaks” Hemmerstoffer, who recently published renders of the device, has also corroborated that name, saying that the renders he received had the ‘Galaxy S22 Pro’ name attached to them.

Separately, and more interestingly, this latest rumor calls for the release of a Galaxy Note 22 Ultra. The model currently known as the Galaxy S22 Ultra would be that smartphone.

To summarize, here’s what the rumored Galaxy S22 branding would look like:

  • Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy S22 Pro (currently known as Galaxy S22+)
  • Galaxy Note 22 Ultra (currently known as Galaxy S22 Ultra)

A unified Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series seems to be the way forward

What’s becoming clearer with each leak is that Samsung is unlikely to release dedicated Galaxy Note lineups in the future. Instead, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note will be merged into one range of flagships.

Rumors about such a move have been floating around for years. One dating back to 2019 suggested that Samsung would unify the two and rebrand the smartphones under the ‘Galaxy One’ name. That branding strategy seems to have been taken off the table, but the overall idea of unification hasn’t.

Of course, because we’re still months away from the launch, things could change. Samsung may ditch these new names entirely and stick with its old ones or go with something completely different.

But none of that should matter because the hardware is almost set in stone and Galaxy Note fans seem to be receiving the product they’ve been asking for ever since it was confirmed that the Galaxy Note 21 wasn’t happening.

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