The best iPhone 13 deals in 2024

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Best iPhone 13 deals
The iPhone 15 models are now the reigning flagship phones, but the devices from the iPhone 13 series are still perfectly capable and fast, even in early 2024.

Keep in mind that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are now discontinued by Apple and finding them is getting increasingly hard, including on retailers or carriers. Apple doesn't offer the iPhone 13 mini anymore as well. However, you can find what we've managed to dig out on those below.

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So now, without further ado, let's see what the carriers and retailers offer in terms of iPhone 13 deals in early 2024!

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Best iPhone 13 Pro Max deals

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is no longer available at the carriers given the fact the iPhone 14 Pro Max is now here. Also, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is discontinued by Apple so availability may be scarce from now on. Currently, Walmart has a carrier-locked pre-paid option; while Best Buy has the phone available for the three major carriers.

Pre-paid iPhone 13 Pro Max at Walmart: Straight Talk: save $200

Walmart has the iPhone 13 Pro Max available, unlike the three major U.S. carriers. However, the phone is locked to Straight Talk and it is pre-paid, so keep that in mind. With this great deal, you can save $200 on this phone right now, so don't miss out!
$1099 99
Buy at Walmart

iPhone 13 Pro Max at Amazon (Cricket Wireless locked)

Amazon has the iPhone 13 Pro Max available locked with a Cricket Wireless subscription. The phone is retailing at its regular price right now.

Best iPhone 13 Pro offers

The situation for the iPhone 13 Pro is the same as with the Pro Max. AT&T, Verzion, and T-Mo no longer sell it. However, retailers still have the Pro - currently, Best Buy has it at its retail price, and Walmart has it locked for AT&T. Check out where you can buy the iPhone 13 Pro right now:

iPhone 13 Pro AT&T at Walmart

You can get the AT&T-locked iPhone 13 Pro at Walmart right now. Keep in mind that at the moment, only the 256GB storage variant is available at the retailer. As for colors, you can currently choose between Graphite and Sierra Blue.
$26 37 /mo
Buy at Walmart

iPhone 13 Pro at Amazon (locked to Cricket Wireless)

The iPhone 13 Pro is available at Amazon. Keep in mind that this version is locked to Cricket Wireless. Four colors are available, as well as all storage variants. Additional savings are possible with an eligible trade-in (conditions are on Amazon's website).

Best iPhone 13 deals

Offers on the iPhone 13 at carriers are much more promising. You can get it for free from Verizon, or you can take advantage of the several deals that T-Mobile currently has on this phone.

Verizon iPhone 13: free with new line

You need a new line to get the above deal. Plus, $200 if you switch. Also, you can save on the purchase of an iPad if you buy an iPhone at the same time from Verizon.
$0 /mo
$19 44
Buy at Verizon

T-Mobile iPhone 13: for free with a new account (online only), or free with new line or trade-in

T-Mobile has several great deals on the iPhone 13.You can get it for free with a new account (no trade-in required). Alternatively, you can also get it for free with a new line and eligible trade-in.

Best iPhone 13 mini promotions

If you've set your eyes on the compact iPhone 13 mini, your chances of getting it are getting slim now that it's discontinued from Apple. However, you can still buy it here and there. Right now, Amazon is selling it as renewed (refurbished), and the carriers are out of stock on it.

iPhone 13 mini (renewed) at Amazon

Amazon is selling a renewed iPhone 13 mini right now. It's unlocked and covered by Amazon's 90-day Renewed Guarantee.

What retailers sell the iPhone 13?

As the iPhones are very popular phones, almost all major US retailers and carriers have them. The iPhone 13 is available on carriers Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and on retailers Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and others.

Of course, the iPhone 13 phones are available on the Apple Store as well. With the new iPhone 14 series, the Pro-branded iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are no longer sold at Apple, but the iPhone 13 and the mini are still available there.

Are there any iPhone 13 deals without a contract?

As you may know, the deals we see on iPhones are linked with a contract to a carrier, usually with an installment plan. Retailers such as Best Buy or Amazon don't even sell the 13 unlocked, and the deals there are with carriers. Therefore, your best bet when you want to get the iPhone 13 unlocked, without contract, is the Apple Store. The cool thing with the Apple Store is that Apple has its own trade-in program and can have good discounts even for the unlocked models with no contract obligations to a carrier.

Will the iPhone 12 go down in price?

It's understandable to expect a drop in price for previous models when a new model comes up. And with the iPhone 13, that's more or less the case. Apple's website is currently selling the iPhone 12 with a slight drop in price of around $100, but the Pro models aren't there. On retailers we expect the iPhone 12 to remain (more or less) at its retail price for quite some time,  as it is still mighty and powerful, as well as popular. If you're interested in offers on the iPhone 12, you can check out our Best iPhone 12 deals article as well.

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