Apple Watch Series 8 will reportedly be able to take your temperature

Apple Watch Series 8 will reportedly be able to tell if you have a fever
The forthcoming Apple Watch Series 8's rumored body temperature sensor might be more capable than what earlier rumors had led us to believe.

In the new edition of his Sunday newsletter, esteemed journalist Mark Gurman says that the Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to tell if someone has a fever. Earlier, it was reported the Watch 8's temperature sensor would only help with fertility planning.

Unlike conventional thermometers, smartwatches cannot measure core body temperature, and thus, they must use an algorithm for determining someone's precise temperature. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had earlier said that Apple had perfected the algorithm.

Gurman indicates that Apple has given the go-ahead to the watch body-temperature detection feature and both the Watch Series 8 and the rumored rugged edition will be equipped with the sensor. The cheaper SE model is unlikely to have it. 

The feature apparently won't give you a specific reading but will be able to tell if you have a higher than normal temperature and make recommendations regarding talking to a doctor or using a dedicated thermometer.

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5, which will compete with the Series 8 for the title of the best smartwatch of 2022, is also expected to have this feature.

Gurman indicates that this will be the Apple Watch Series 8's most exciting hardware feature. Per earlier rumors, the Watch may have a similar chip to the Watch Series 7, which had a chip that was based on its predecessor's processor. Apparently, Apple is neglecting non-Mac chips because of its M series processors that power its computers and some iPad models.

The new watch could also feature a brighter screen. It's not abundantly clear if the new wearable will flaunt a flat-edged design, but rumors do point in this direction.

Other rumored specs include a new low-power mode for apps and features, an improved version of the atrial fibrillation detection feature, satellite capabilities, new watch faces, and more workout types.

Gurman has also revealed that the upcoming AirPods Pro will probably not get heart-rate monitoring, but Apple has explored the possibility, so it may arrive one day. 

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