Amazon has one premium Apple Watch Series 4 configuration on sale at a huge discount

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Amazon has one premium Apple Watch Series 4 configuration on sale at a huge discount
Even though Apple no longer sells its 2018-released Series 4 smartwatch, this remains an excellent alternative to the 2019 generation of the world's most popular wearable device. In fact, the Apple Watch Series 5 is not very different from its forerunner, merely adding a magnetometer that enables compass functionality, and perhaps more importantly, supporting always-on display features.

That's hardly what we'd call a drastic set of upgrades, so naturally, the Apple Watch Series 4 can be considered an extremely compelling product... at the right price. While entry-level configurations are typically roughly as expensive as their successors, one premium cellular-enabled variant is currently available on Amazon at an absolutely mind-blowing discount of 350 bucks.

Granted, we're talking about an arguably overpriced model normally fetching $849. But at $350 less than that, this is pretty much guaranteed to capture the attention of fashionistas enamored with the Milanese Loop style. Available in a 44mm size at this massive discount, the LTE-capable Apple Watch Series 4 also comes with a robust stainless steel case coated in an always popular Space Black color. 

If you're wondering, the 44mm Apple Watch Series 5 is typically available for 800 bucks with a space black stainless steel case and black Milanese Loop, with Amazon only capable of offering a $41 price cut on that particular variant at checkout at the time of this writing.

Those hunting for a decent discount on the Apple Watch Series 4 may also be happy to see a 40mm cellular-enabled model with a space black stainless steel case and black sport band sold at $170 off its list price on Amazon, although ironically, that still makes this specific version costlier than the arguably prettier configuration detailed above. 

Most other Series 4 models are either available for their regular prices or they're completely unavailable, save for a 44mm size with cellular connectivity, a space black stainless steel case and a black sport band, which can be purchased at a small $70 discount.

Of course, the internals are all the same, including everything from a blazing fast Apple S4 chipset to a life-saving roster of sensors and health monitoring tools, not to mention excellent battery life... for such a feature-packed smartwatch.


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