The iPhone 11 is far more popular than the 11 Pro Max, which could impact the iPhone 12 in a big way

The iPhone 11 is far more popular than the 11 Pro Max, which could impact the iPhone 12 in a big way
The iPhone 11 comes with a versatile dual rear camera arrangement

Given its very aggressive price point, modern design, robust overall list of features, upgraded dual rear camera system, and eye-catching colors, we always expected the non-Pro iPhone 11 to prove the most popular model in Apple's 2019 handset lineup. After all, last year's "affordable" iPhone XR is still the world's best-selling mobile device, miles ahead of its higher-end and higher-priced siblings.

But while the iPhone 11 did reportedly get off to a good start at the global box-office, so did the Pro and Pro Max, which stood surprisingly close to the LCD model's initial demand. What was perhaps even more unexpected was the standout success of a 256GB iPhone 11 Pro variant that costs a whopping $1,149. As the weeks went by, though, more and more reports came in deeming the "regular" iPhone 11 the star performer of the family by a fairly large margin.

So large, in fact, that Apple may have been caught off guard, needing to make significant production adjustments to keep up with consumers' wishes. A reputable financial analyst claimed just last week that the company ordered an extra 1.6 million units be manufactured as soon as possible due to a surprising 15 percent hike in early iPhone 11 sales compared to the XR's numbers last year. Based on its usual supply chain sources, Digitimes (via MacRumors) is largely echoing that assessment today without going into so much detail regarding actual shipment figures.

Big iPhone 11 boost, small iPhone 11 Pro Max cut

While Apple would undoubtedly wish to drive as many Android users away from Google's software platform as possible, it seems that part of the iPhone 11's booming success is coming at the expense of the bigger, higher-end, and pricier 11 Pro Max. That's not exactly a great sign for Cupertino's bottom line, likely having a negative impact on the tech giant's profit margins, but on the bright side, Digitimes believes the company has recently increased orders for iPhone 11 components by a substantial 15 percent, while slashing iPhone 11 Pro Max production by only 5 percent.

Interestingly, there's no word on how the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro is doing, which probably means its performance so far is essentially lining up with Apple's expectations. Either way, what seems crystal clear is that the company has a firm grasp on the production of its entire iPhone 11 family, so there are almost certainly absolutely no shortages or shipping delays on the horizon. Not even during the busy holiday season.

As far as specific numbers are concerned, previous reports suggested total iPhone 11 series sales could reach anywhere between 65 and 75 million units... in 2019 alone. However you look at that tally, it's obvious Apple has a massive blockbuster family on its hands.

Apple's 2020 iPhone plans might not be etched in stone yet

Although it's naturally far too early to have many guarantees about the specs, features, and even designs of Apple's next-gen iPhones, one thing seemed pretty much certain... until today. Namely, that all three iPhone 12 versions would come sporting super-high-quality OLED screens to complete a transition that started with 2017's iPhone X.

But the rampant success of the LCD panel-rocking iPhone 11 could lead to a major change of plans, at least according to Digitimes. That's right, it sounds like we shouldn't rule out the possibility of a 2020 lineup including yet another two state-of-the-art OLED models and a lower-quality, lower-cost LCD variant.

Of course, Apple already has a (truly) affordable LCD iPhone purportedly scheduled for a late March 2020 release, but a number of analysts have expressed doubt over the iPhone SE 2's potential to sell like hotcakes. Meanwhile, probably the most respected and prolific Apple tipster of them all expects the long-awaited second-gen iPhone SE to have a positive impact on Apple's figures from the get-go, so we should just wait and see before drawing conclusions and making such long-term predictions. 
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