Apple scales the iOS 14 interface for the new 5.4" iPhone 12 5G resolution

Latest beta hints how iOS 14 will scale for the 5.4" iPhone 12 5G resolution
It's become common knowledge by now that Apple is preparing a brand new, never-before-used screen size for its first 5G models, the iPhone 12 2020 series. The tentatively called iPhone 12 is expected to land with a 5.4" display diagonal, and, thanks to using the notch front design, be slightly more compact than the 4.7" iPhone SE 2020 even.

While all members of the fall crop will be with OLED displays and 5nm Apple A14 processors, and will have 5G modem versions, the most interesting one is the 5.4" iPhone 12. This would be a brand new form factor for Apple, sitting right smack between the 4.7" iPhone SE, and the 6.1" iPhone 12 models, but will offer powerful hardware in a package smaller than the SE.

With new screen size come new display resolution responsibilities, of course, but what exactly will the 5.4" iPhone 12 pixel count be? Well, the latest iOS 14 beta 3 has arrived to bring some clarity on that front.

Apple iPhone 12 5.4" display specs

Tucked in the iOS 14 settings, 9to5Mac found Display Zoom menu for the heretofore lacking such option iPhone X, XS, and 11 Pro. These didn't have Apple's Display Zoom scaling, as the iPhone X was released with a 5.8" screen size and a notch, and Apple hasn't had to scale the notch-y interface below that diagonal so far. 

The 6.5" XS Max or 11 Pro Max have Digital Zoom setting that simple scales the interface to what you would see on the 5.8-inchers, making everything larger. Does the arrival of the Digital Zoom option on the 5.8-inchers with iOS 14 hint that there might be a smaller iPhone with a notch in the works?

Most likely, and, just like in 2018 when the iOS 12 beta tipped the new XS Max screen resolution in Apple's Xcode iOS Simulator, now the only resolution below that of the 5.8-inchers that iOS 14 beta 3 runs on, is 960 x 2079 pixels.

Since every other pixel count returns garbled results, it's fairly safe to assume that Apple is preparing to scale iOS 14 for this new 960 x 2079 resolution on the rumored 5.4" iPhone 12. For comparison, the 5.8" iPhone X, XS, or 11, have 1125 x 2436 pixels displays, returning the same aspect ratio.

There you have it, the 5.4" iPhone 12 is getting more real by the day, and Apple is even scaling the iOS 14 interface for its 960 x 2079 pixels display already. We know plenty of people that have been waiting for Apple to release a modern compact phone with relatively large display, and the 5.4-incher might just be the breakout success Apple is banking on in 2020.

Expected Apple iPhone 12 5G specs and price:

Apple iPhone 12 dimensions: 5.15 x 2.51 inches (131 x 64 mm)
Apple iPhone 12 display size and resolution: 5.4", 960 x 2079 pixels OLED display w/ integrated touch
Apple iPhone 12 processor: 5nm Apple A14
Apple iPhone 12 cameras: 12MP main + 12MP ultrawide
Apple iPhone 12 battery capacity: 2227mAh
Apple iPhone 12 price range: $699-$749

There are rumors that the 5G iPhone 12 may start from at least $749 but also concurrent speculation that it may sport cost-busting technologies such as integrated touch layer which, together with the smaller display size, has reportedly allowed Apple to lower the price of that most costly component - the OLED display. 

Whether or not those savings will ultimately be passed back onto the iPhone 12 buyers, or the margin will be kept in Cupertino, remains to be heard this fall when Apple announced its first specc'd-our small phone in a while.
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