Which smartwatch platform you consider most likely to prevail?

Which smartwatch platform you consider most likely to prevail?
As if we weren't getting already dizzy enough with the smorgasbord of smart watches and wearables, unleashed on us at the CES and MWC expos this year, and now Google itself moved in, with Android Wear. Couple that with the persistent rumors about an incoming Apple iWatch, and we'll be in a rut what to choose as soon as the summer vacations are over.

We've had a pretty ragtag crew of smartwatch platforms so far. Samsung introduced its own Galaxy Gear line, powered by the venerable Tizen OS. Sony has its SmartWatch 2, which can communicate with any Android gear, not only Sony devices. Pebble's open platform goes even further, talking with iOS devices, and Qualcomm's Toq undertaking, plans to do the same.

Google's new Android Wear, on the other hand, already showcased some promising concepts, like the naughty Moto 360, or the LG G Watch. In addition, if the monster leak on Apple's Healthbook app, hints at just a smitten of the features coming with an eventual iWatch, that one might top them all, in terms of functionality. That's why we wanted to ask you, in light of the Android Wear gamechanger unveiling, which one do you think has the most potential for commercial success? Pick your choice in the poll below, and argue it in the comments.

Which smartwatch platform you consider most likely to prevail?

Samsung's Tizen
Google's Android Wear
Apple's eventual iWatch
Other platform (Pebble, Sony SmartWatch, Qualcomm Toq, etc.)
None of them will be a commercial success, smartwatches are unlikely to take off

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