Samsung should just merge the Galaxy S and Note lines (poll results)


Samsung may merge the Galaxy S and Note lines, is this a smart move?


Samsung may be gearing up for big changes in its phone lineup next year. It could merge the Galaxy S and Note lines, as the pros are increasingly outweighing the cons. That is why we asked about your opinion on getting a third, Galaxy S10+ phone next year, instead of the Note line, and two-thirds of our respondents actually think this will be a smart idea to avoid portfolio redundancies.

Previously, the Note line had two big differentiators before the Galaxy X flagships - its S Pen stylus, and larger displays, but with phones like the S9+, the big screen point is somewhat moot. The Note 8 has a 6.32" display, the S9+is 6.22 inches, while the Note 9 is said to come at 6.38 inches, negligible differences, so Samsung will be pushing it heavily as a gaming phone, what with the exclusive Fortnite on Android release and all that. As per Korean media:

Moreover, just like there will be three 2018 iPhones, there could be three Galaxy S10 models, too, and one of those is said to land with a 6.4" display and triple camera setup - coincidentally, exactly as the rumored iPhone X Plus with a 6.46" OLED screen. When we add the foldable Galaxy X, or whatever it gets named, Samsung will stare down three "flagship" lines, which is not very cost-effective for production and marketing. 

Rumor has it that it considers bendable phones that can go from shirt pocket to a tablet size to be a real advantage before Apple or anyone else that is said to be working on those, but won't be ready before 2020 with any concepts, so Mr Lee has allegedly ordered a firm commitment to get the Galaxy X out of the door early next year to gauge market acceptance. 

Thus, it only becomes logical that the Galaxy S and Note lines may merge, and the largest S10+ may land with a stylus before long. If you thought that 2019, the 10th anniversary of the S-line will be interesting, wait until Samsung decides they should all bend in 2020, just like it experimented with just a side curve in the Note Edge, and now all of its flagships have sloping flexible screens, though Samsung may be returning to the flat display with a Galaxy S10 Lite of sorts.

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