Fortnite for Android launches in August exclusively on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Fortnite for Android launches in August exclusively on Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Epic Games is already making a bucketload of money with Fortnite for iOS, but there will be more money to make once the game lands on Android. The latest forecasts claim Epic Games rakes in around $2 million each day thanks to the iOS version of their highly successful game.

But when exactly is Fortnite coming to Android? That's a question that Epic Games could have answered a long time ago, but it looks like there's a reason behind the studios' complete silence on the matter.

Sources familiar with the developer's plans claim Fortnite for Android will be launched at the same time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In case you're wondering why Epic Games have decided to release the Android version of Fortnite on the same day that Samsung's flagship goes official, here is the simple explanation.

Samsung and Epic Games have partnered for the release of Fortnite for Android, which basically means that the game will be exclusively available on the Galaxy Note 9. Obviously, we're talking about a time-limited exclusivity contract, which, according to the same sources, will expire after 30 days.

Another interesting piece of information reveals some of Samsung's plans regarding the Galaxy Note 9, as the phablet will be advertised as a gaming phone. In that regard, the S Pen will feature some sort of integration for Fortnite, which will allow players to use it for shooting or aiming.

So, if you don't plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but want to play Fortnite on your Android smartphone, you'll probably have to wait until September when the time-limited exclusivity contract is supposed to expire.

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