John McAfee enters the fray: 'I'll decrypt the San Bernardino iPhone for free'

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John McAfee enters the fray: 'I'll decrypt the San Bernardino iPhone for free'

With all the brouhaha surrounding the order that Apple opens up the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino shooter, one would think that the FBI has no other way to find out what's in it, rather than that it's just being desperate for a backdoor into iPhones, and using this highly public matter as a pretext.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook already rebuffed the FBI's advances, and Google's Sundar Pichai stand firmly behind him. This might turn out to be the grandest standoff yet between the Silicon Valley, where companies are under tremendous pressure for providing ways to access personal communication executed with iOS, Android or Windows devices, and the federal government, the source of that same pressure.

Enter John McAfee, of McAfee Antivirus and expat debauchery fame. In his typical brash style, McAfee is now offering to decrypt the San Bernadino terrorist's phone absolutely for free, so long as the Feds leave Apple alone with the backdoor requests. The legendary hacker has issued a lengthy open letter to offer his services, which boils down to this:

There you have it, FBI, ball's in your court, and you can read the whole of John McAfee's statement below. After all, he is a presidential candidate from the Libertarian party, too, so he's not taking personal freedom and privacy issues lightly.

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