Is the Pixel Watch waterproof?

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Is the Pixel Watch waterproof?
The long-awaited Pixel Watch arrived with a bang during the October 6 "Made by Google" event, and alongside all the bells and whistles, there’s one particular feature that will make users happy. Yes, the Pixel Watch can do a lot of smart things, and it also looks stunning but how is it protected against the elements?

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Is the Pixel Watch waterproof?

We’re happy to report that the answer to this question is yes! Unlike other electronic devices (the Pixel 7 series included) that feature an IP68 rating, the Pixel Watch is rated for 5 ATM or submersion up to 50 meters.

This rating is especially important for wearable devices such as smartwatches, as many people use them to track their swimming routines or they even dive with them.

What does 5 ATM mean?

5 ATM means that the watch is able to survive water pressure that’s equivalent to 5 atmospheres. At sea level (0 meters altitude) the air pressure is exactly 1 atmosphere. Water is much denser than air, and the pressure rises when you submerge.

Five atmospheres actually equal a water column of 50 meters pressing down the watch (and yourself). This rating is often written down as “limited waterproof”, as well. The standard normally says that a 5ATM rated gadget can survive for 10 minutes at 50 meters without suffering water damage.

What can you do with your Pixel Watch?

So, the information above is pretty technical. Let’s give some examples here. Most people won’t be able to reach 50 meters without equipment, and we highly doubt that veteran scuba divers will take their Pixel Watch that deep (there are dedicated diving watches for that).

Shallow swimming – you could absolutely take your Pixel Watch for a swim - the watch will come out of it just fine.
Shower – If you want to shower with your Pixel Watch, no worries - you can absolutely do so. Just make sure that the water isn’t extremely hot, as it can exceed the working temperature window of the watch and damage the sealings.
Rainfall protection – Singing in the rain? Check! You can sing, dance and go crazy under London drizzle, Brazilian tropical rain, or any water pouring out of the skies.

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