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Developer: White Whale Games | Genre: Side-scrolling action | Platforms: Android, iOS | Price: $2.99

Immersive graphics and an addictive gameplay with some depth - that’s what it takes for a smartphone game to become popular and the side-scrolling action game God of Blades has got it all. Originally launched for the iPhone and iPad, a couple of months ago the game arrived on Android, and since then it’s become a must-have on our list.

God of Blades takes place in a diabolic fantasy pulp fiction world where your hero, the Nameless King, hacks and slashes his way through enemies in an attempt to recover his lost memory and save his people.

The game story is not deep at all, but it unveils in a captivating mystic fashion with little animated transitions between levels. The Nameless King recovers parts of his memory as he fights barbaric creatures and with each recovered memory you get a chance for a new blade.

Your blade is quintessential to your survival. Each of the swords comes with a little back story and its own super power. There are three types of blades, a heavy, medium and light one, with the former kind doing most damage with a single hit and the latter being the quickest.

The gameplay puts you in an auto-run hack and slash race where you can swipe right, up, and down to attack, and swipe left to parry. That might seem limited (and it is a bit), but you’d learn that these attacks work slightly differently with different blades and that timing is key. As the game progresses, you’ll start fighting more and more bosses, and even a succession of bosses where you’ll have to learn to both attack and defend yourself.

We found the game extremely addictive. The difficulty varied, starting from easy at the start and becoming extremely challenging at the end where you fight a boss after boss after boss. The superpower that comes with each blade makes it extra fun to explore different blades, and the graphics are cinematique, look extremely and the game runs without a hitch. The sound adds to the immersive atmosphere of the game and you wouldn’t notice how an hour flies by as you play.


All in all, God of Blades is easy to recommend - it has the action and the adrenaline, and it’s got the graphics and the atmosphere. It’s up for sale right now for a buck on Google Play, but it’s originally $2.99 price is also justified.

  • Great graphics
  • Addictive action-packed gameplay

  • It can get a bit repetitive

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