Friday´s News Bits

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Friday´s News Bits
  • Sprint retains its position of being the preferred carrier of many Federal agencies. The telecom has a dedicated in-house team that provides the necessary customer support for the civil members of Federal institutions like the Department of Defense. You can take a look at a list of agencies taking advantage of what Sprint has to offer via the source link: Sprint

  • The Hisense HS-E90 is yet another Android handset made by unknown company. The device will feature 3.5-inch screen, 5-megapixel camera, FM radio, microSD slot and Bluetooth. It´s expected to hit the shelves in China, but we might see it across Europe or the US as well. (source: UnwiredView)

  • TCM is an application for Android scheduled to to come out this February. It will be capable of providing detailed information on TV channels and access to videos, pictures and various other content. The price of the program is still unknown, but the version for the iPhone is currently available for $2.99. (via AnrdoidGuys)

  • Is there a simple way of uprating the output power of your iPhone speaker? Well, yes, it seems there is and we are not talking about expensive loudspeaker sets or weird gizmos... just get to your kitchen and find a large cup! The short video below shows the kind of benefits you might expect to reap when using ordinary utensils in extraordinary ways. (source: MobileCrunch)


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