Friday´s News Bits

Friday´s News Bits
  • Google starts sending free units of the Nexus One to select developers. As reported at the beginning of the month, Google´s kindness would extend to the developers of popular applications, available at Android Market. (source: Phandroid)

  • The prices of e-books for the iPad will be the same as these for the Kindle? At least this is what arecently leaked document reveals. It seems that Apple intends to land a severe blow on Amazon´s Kindle. With less than a week until the official release of the iPad, we guess we are bound to find out soon enough. (source: AppAdvice)

  • Cricket plans to offer the Kyocera Zio M6000 and BlackBerry 8530. One of the things the carrier announced at the recently finished CTIA 2010 was the company intended to add Kyocera´s Android-based handset to their product catalogue, along with the affordable BlackBerry 8530. Unfortunately, they no prices or release dates have been mentioned to date. (source: Gearlog)

  • The Jabra STONE comes in white. The manufacturer of various cell phone accessories has stated they are planning to release a white version of the unique Bluetooth headset. The Jabra STONE hits the shelves May 16 on AT&T at a price of about $130. (source: PRNewswire)



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